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How I Met My Biological Father After 57 Years Using Public Records Search Engine

  If there is something I value so much is the truth. It has the power to ensure I am alright psychologically. Having been brought up by a single parent, my mom, I always had questions about who my real father was. So, I decided to conduct my own research to find. I had to link bits of information I ...

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The Dangers of Social Media

Websites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Kik can be fun and rewarding for many people. But as you no doubt know, these apps and websites have their downsides, especially for young users. Cyberbullying, where children can be bullied by their peers or anonymous people through emails, texts and messages, is rampant.   There are also a lot of ...

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How I Found Out About My Husband’s Criminal Past Online

When I met my husband, he was the best man ever. He was a law abiding citizen and a very honest person as well. I trusted him entirely. We have two great children and I could not have chosen a better father for them. I had heard about other women checking their husband’s background either before or after they got ...

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When Your Teenager Begins to Date

  Like it or not, every parent has to deal with the fact that their teenaged child may want to date in middle school and high school. Dating isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Thanks to hormones, teenagers are thinking a lot about who they’re attracted to and may desire a relationship. Of course, this goes right along with having to ...

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Why Use Public Records Search Engines To Do A Criminal and Background Checks

As an employer, you would not want to employ a person with a criminal past to work for you and if you would, then you would surely want to know that they served their time and that they are properly rehabilitated. Although nobody is perfect, you need to know who your employees really are and if they have any criminal ...

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3 Reasons Why Employers Use iPhone Spy Programs

iphone spy

Corporate mobile devices such as iPhones can be monitored with easy to use employee monitoring software such as iPhone spy.  It is known that business productivity can suffer when employees are not using their time wisely during work hours.  Instead, few use company-issued iPhones for inappropriate activity or simply doing activities that waste company time and resources. Many employees may ...

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Benefits of Mobile Phone Tracking Services for Businesses

mobile phone tracking

With the increasing competition in the industry, businesses are looking for ways to enhance productivity, customer service, and boost overall sales/conversions. Among these ways is learning how do I spy on a cell phone of my employee to keep an eye on your employees (best suited for service and transport related businesses that need to monitor their drivers’ location at all times). Mobile ...

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The Deadly Game Teenagers Are Playing

  Many kids are warned about the dangers of drugs and alcohol as they grow up. But these days, parents have a lot more to worry about now that children/teenagers have cell phones. Parents are now more focused on educating their children about bullying, sexting, and now they are discussing the dangerous “games” that kids are playing. Teenagers will usually ...

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iPhone Spy App- No Jailbreak Needed

iphone jailbreak

  In today’s society it is normal for parents to be concerned about their children’s whereabouts, the world is crazy and you have every right to apply a cell phone spy software to your children’s phone. We have a story that will most likely convince you to get a phone spy app. One of the main concerns parents have is: ...

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Can You Spy On A Cell Phone Remotely?

Picture it: your teenage daughter has been studying at the library every day, in preparation for her SATs. She’s studying hard, you think – after all, she’s at the library every day. She’s putting her nose to the grindstone. You’re proud of her. With all this hard work, she’s going to ace this test. Then one day you discover that ...

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