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Auto Forward Review – iPhone Spy No Jailbreak Needed

Hello, and welcome to my review of Auto Forward iPhone spy no jailbreak needed. There are two things I would like to point out before I begin: First, if you are in need of spying on an iPhone and do not have access to that device, Auto Forward is the perfect software for you. It will allow you to connect ...

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What Details are included in Online Public Records?

The internet has evolved, it is not the way I use to remember it back in the days, where you only used the internet to send email. Over the past few years, we can do so much with the internet, especially with the introduction of social media sites. Today most people get online to search for info and latest news, ...

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Field & Track Your Kid: Why a Spy App May Be a Good Idea for your Loved One’s Safety

spy app

I’m the mother of four boys between 5 and 12 years old. All four of them play soccer in the Three Village area and two play baseball here as well. Well, Spring has sprung and, as you can guess, I’m pretty busy shuttling them from one practice to another—soccer, soccer, baseball, soccer, baseball, soccer…. You get the picture. I’m all ...

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Video Surveillance in 2016

  It’s incredible how much footage ends up on the news that bystanders simply record using their smartphones. The amazing thing is that this is simply a form of video surveillance, which is now available through devices that everyone has in their pockets. That so much footage from these devices ends up on CNN shows how important video surveillance is ...

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The Spy Who Loved Me


I’m a teenage girl, and like pretty much all teenage girls in my school, I have an iPhone. Yes some of them have some type of Android, and a few still just have a lame old flip phone, because their parents won’t let them have their own smartphone, but my mom and dad said I could … but there was ...

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How Spies Use Surveillance in the Modern World

Everyone knows spies uses surveillance equipment to be able to partake in the espionage that is their trade. But understanding how exactly they use their gadgets is another story entirely. Those who use surveillance equipment that records audio and video may need to obtain information for a variety of reasons, but there are a number of ways to go about ...

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Find anyone through Hero Searches

In the early days, doing simple tasks such as finding someone online, were just imaginations. Finding someone you had not heard from in a long time was almost close to impossible. However, that has changed all thanks to public record search engines and phone number lookup search such as Hero Searches. Now people can easily reunite with their friends and ...

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Protecting Your Sons

While boys and young men aren’t traditionally thought of as victims of bullying or harassment, it can happen to them just as it can happen to young women. Boys and young men are uniquely vulnerable to many insidious forms of bullying and, like women, are often targeted by predators and unsavory people. But unlike women, boys and young men often ...

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Protect Your Son From Digital Danger

  If you’re like me, you look at your teenage son differently than your teenage daughter. While she may be older, you seem to give him more leeway in life. You are less protective of him—because he’s a young man and he’s tough. Your daughter, however, needs over-protecting, because men are scum and boys are just future scum in the ...

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When Your Child is Depressed

  Depression is a mental health issue that affects millions of people all around the world every year. And teenagers are especially vulnerable to developing depression due to stress with work and school, peer pressure, bullying, and more. Unfortunately, depressed teenagers are often troubled. They may get into drugs to self-medicate their symptoms. Some might even self-harm in order to ...

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