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I Need To Spy On A Cell Phone – The Pros and Cons

spy text messages

Cell phone monitoring software, or spyware, is an easy-to-use and powerful application that you can download on to a target phone so you can see all the activity on that phone. Who uses cell phone monitoring software? Concerned parents and employers are two of the most vocal groups in favor of cell phone monitoring. There are many pro and con ...

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Cell Phone Monitoring Software for Employees

spy text messages

When monitoring your employees, it may start to feel wrong or weird that you’re literally watching them throughout their work day. Yet you know you need to do it because you want to protect yourself and your business. You also want to make sure you’re as successful as possible. On the other side of the coin, if you think your ...

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The Benefits of the GPS Location Feature

GPS location in a cell phone monittoring software helps business

Everyone knows that the main benefit of GPS in a car is to show directions. Such is the case too with the GPS feature in an app for cell phone monitoring. Phone monitoring has gone to more than just listening to conversations and reading text messages and exchanges between your teenage daughter and her boyfriend. It remains a useful feature ...

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How Can You Spy On Text Messages?

how can you spy on text messages?

Text messages are the new secret code. Where else can someone have a conversation right in front of other people with complete privacy? Whether it’s in the office, in the home, or anywhere else, text messages are a form of communication with greater expectations of privacy than a phone conversation, an email exchange, or even a face to face chat. ...

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Put The Easy in Cell Phone Monitoring

Easy Spy cell phone monitoring software is easy to install and use.

Are you interested in cell phone monitoring software but are a little confused about how it works? Would you make the purchase if you knew it was a simple three-part process? See the easy steps below to begin monitoring today. Easy Spy was designed for those who aren’t completely tech-savvy, and comes with no monthly costs and no hidden fees. This software ...

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Why Easy Spy is the Right Choice

Easy Spy is a powerful cell phone monitoring software that allows you to monitor another person’s mobile phone of which you have authorized use of. You would need access to the target phone to download and install the cell phone software, but only for three to five minutes. The monitoring itself takes place remotely, and without the owner of the ...

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Is There Such A Thing As A Free Cell Phone Spy Product?


Are you now searching for a free mobile phone spy product? If so, you’re simply wasting your time. Currently no such thing exists! You’ll be able to find free trial of a cell spy phone product, but a free trial has a definite end date. So what’s the truth about the free phone spyware packages? Are they for real? If ...

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Preventing Kidnapping by Identification and Using a Spy Cell Phone Software

how to prevent kidnapping through a spy cell phone software.jpg

Did you know that in the United States, every 40 seconds a child is being abducted? According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI an estimated 85% – 90% of these missing persons are children. That means around 750,000 people or 2000 people/day kids are being abducted everyday. One way to help solve these cases is by knowing some ...

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Is It Possible To Spy On A Cell Phone Without Having Access To It?


If you’ve been looking for ways to monitor how your loved ones or perhaps your employees are using their mobile phones, chances are you’ve come across the idea of using cell phone spy software. It is also possible that you haven’t purchased one because you don’t know for sure how to use it, how it works, and whether or not ...

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Facts You Need To Know About Mobile Spyware Apps

It is not surprising that mobile spyware apps are getting the attention of many, thanks to its many interesting uses. Not everyone, however, truly understands what spy software is, how it works and what its restrictions are. Getting more information about such apps seems like a complicated process, basically because there’s too much of it online, and it can be ...

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