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Circumstances that Make Teenagers Say “Track My Cell phone”


Inevitable circumstance brought about by social media activities resulted to traumatic experiences of teenagers—make them say “track my cell phone”. I was about to purchase an app tracker called Highster Mobile since it is very iPhone friendly wherein jail breaking isn’t necessary. True when others say “you’ll never truly understand a situation until it happens to you.” My teen doesn’t ...

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Role of a Phone Trace App in a Relationship


The birth of cell phone monitoring software or phone trace apps has been celebrated by people all over the world because not only can you ensure the safety and security of your loved one, but you can also find the most detailed information about your partner by getting complete updates on their phone activities. In this article, you would get ...

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Tracking Cell Phones the Most Legit and Convenient Way!


Imagine tracking cell phones in the most legit and convenient way possible with just a mere online software installation on your mobile. With all the possibilities brought about by technological innovations, you can now monitor a certain person’s (who we shall call your “target”) daily activities through his/her phone.Let us just say you want to know whether or not your ...

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SMS Spy – How Controlled Screen Time Improves Learning in Children

Learning in Children.jpg

Considering the significant rise of computer and Internet use among children, it’s not surprising anymore that parents are growing more and more concerned about its effects on their kids, which is one of the reasons why the use of cell phone and sms spy has increased as well. Parents, teachers, and other adults are now aware of the many negative ...

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How a Spyphone Can Affect a Parent-Child Relationship


With the constant upgrade of technology, some changes can be daunting to keep up. The news always present newly-created and designed productsbeing sold in the market. There is no denying that a lot of people always take benefit from these discoveries and inventions brought about by the advancing technology. In this particular article, we would get to tackle about cell ...

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Are Cyberbullying among Girls More Common and How to Stop It?


At a very young age, children now have access to the Internet and social media, which is seen as one of the biggest reasons for the increase in the number of cyberbullying cases, and the number of parents looking to use spyware for cell phones. Cyberbullying takes place when technology and the Internet are used to threaten, harass, or humiliate ...

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Tracking a Cell Phone Can Help Parents Save Teens from Internet Addiction

Internet Addiction.jpg

Many parents, even those who use phone track software, wonder how much online activity is considered excessive or too much. Although internet addiction isn’t considered an actual psychiatric  disorder, psychologists and psychiatrists admit that more research is needed for them to know how excessive use of the Internet really affects the psychological development of young people, particularly teenagers. Who is ...

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Spy Phone: Does Social Networking Cause Teen Suicide?

Teen Suicide.jpg

For those parents who choose to use a spy phone to monitor their teen’s online activity, the reason for this kind of monitoring is more than just to know what their children are doing when they’re online. Especially today that social networking seems to have become an important part of a young person’s life, cell phone monitoring can help save ...

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The Great Help of Mobile Spy Apps for Parents

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Kids are the most adorable and entertaining members in a family. They would fascinate you with their smile or laughter and drown you with their adorable ways. But despite their lovely personality, they can also be the most gullible individuals. They are the easiest target for crimes such as child trafficking and abduction. With the birth of mobile spy apps, ...

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Apps That Are Harmful To Children On Their Phones and Can Be Blocked Using Cell Phone Monitoring Software

It is good to state early on in this post that the following apps are not generally harmful but specifically harmful to minors (teenagers or young children) with Smartphones. Industry experts are touting the messaging apps as a revolutionary idea and quite frankly the most popular apps at the moment are messaging apps. These apps are designed for a certain ...

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