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antivirus software program

1 Million Reasons Why You Need A Good Antivirus Software Program

If you have a computer, smartphone, or tablet and haven’t installed an antivirus software program on it/them, then you’re seriously playing with fire. Big time. Did you know that there …

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how to know if your phone camera is hacked
Cell Phone Spy

How To Know If Your Phone Camera is Hacked

Smartphones can do almost everything these days. While most of us use one in our day to day lives, malicious spyware can end up on your phone turning it as …

Determination of location via IMEI number
best phone tracker app

What Are Some Ways To Track My Phone?

Many cell phone users often ask, what are some ways to track my phone? This is often questioned when someone’s smartphone gets lost or stolen. With today’s technology, it’s easier …

best browser spy apps on iphone safeguarde
Cell Phone Spy

The Best Browser Spy Apps On iPhone In 2022

Are you a parent worried your kids’ browser history might show inappropriate sites? Are you an employer concerned that your employees’ browser history might show non-work-related activities?Internet browsers serve as …

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spy instagram on iphone safeguarde
Cell Phone Spy

5 Best Spy Apps To Track Instagram On iPhone in 2022

Are you a parent worried your kids might fall victim to cyberbullying on iPhone social networking apps like Instagram? Are you an employer leveraging social apps who wants to ensure …

skype spy apps for iphone
Cell Phone Spy

The Best Skype Spying Apps On iPhone In 2022

Are you a parent worried about who your kids are chatting with? Are you an employer concerned with how your employees are utilizing company-owned iPhone devices? Skype is a free …


spy on cell phone
Cell Phone Spy
Common Myths about Cellphone Tracking

Spying on mobile phones seems like fantasy that’s only seen in fictional spy movies. However, these impossible tactics are now possible. As technology is advancing, people are taking the necessary …

tiktok safety tips
Essential TikTok Safety Tips Kids Need To Know (Infographic)

Social Media: A place for people to share themselves with the world and connect with friends, family, and those who have similar interests. To continue the social media saga is …

Phrase designation No Caller ID
Background Check
Got A Call With No Caller ID? Find Out Who It Is!

You leave your phone for a while and when you pick it up again, you see a missed call from an unknown number. You keep getting calls with no caller …


Screen Record on iPhone
How To
How To Screen Record On iPhone and iPad: 2022 Guide

Do you want to capture what’s playing on-screen or perhaps film your gameplay? Are you fond of making video tutorials about how various apps work? Or perhaps, you need to …

How To
How To Update Apps on iPhone (Automatic & Manual)

Regardless of where you’re downloading your phone applications from – App Store or Google Play – every mobile app requires regular updates. Like any other software, phone apps could be …