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16 GB Voice Recorder Review


Audio surveillance is one of the most important sections of spygear and security systems. These devices give the user the ability to monitor conversations and whatever else may be taking place. There are various circumstances in which these devices may be necessary, such as workplace harassment scenarios, divorce cases, and even custody battles. When any of these situations are occurring, it becomes necessary to obtain audio recordings to prove a certain side of a story.

The 16 GB Voice Recorder features a wireless microphone, 3 adjustable quality settings, and is capable of recording up to 6 days of continuous audio. The wireless microphone has a range of up to 300 feet from the recording device. When it comes time to obtain an audio recording, this 16 voice recorder has proven to be one of the best available for a variety of reasons.

Included with the Recorder

This 16 GB Recorder comes with everything that will be needed to operate it and start recording audio. Including with the Recorder are:

  • Detailed Instruction Manual
  • The Voice Recorder
  • Wireless Microphone
  • AC 5v Power Adapter
  • MicroUSB Cable
  • Set of Earbuds for Listening to Recordings
  • Instruction Manual


Benefits of the Voice Recorder

Recording Distance

There are a number of pro’s to this particular voice recorder. The fact that the microphone is wireless and is able to record audio from up to 300 feet away gives the recorder the ability to stay discreet when they are recording. Instead of having a wire connecting the microphone to the recorder, the WiFi connection allows there to be a wireless recording.

Microphone Separate from Recorder

That the microphone is separate from the voice recorder that holds the memory means that if anything were to happen to the microphone, the audio recordings would still be intact! That makes this one of the best ways to conduct audio surveillance.

16 GB of Memory

This is an immense amount of memory for a voice recorder. It allows the user to record up to 6 full days of recorded memory, as opposed to much less on other recorders. This is beneficial because it allows the microphone to be placed in a room and left alone, and will record the required audio whenever the microphone is activated. This is extremely helpful for those who aren’t exactly sure when a conversation might take place, and for surveillance needs are having to place the microphone in a particular room for an extended period of time.

Compatibility with Mac and Windows

The recording device is also compatible with Mac and Windows (up to Windows 8). This enables users of all different interfaces and who are using different types of hardware to be able to effectively use the device in accordance with their computer, whether it runs Windows or an iOS.

Versatility as a Recorder

This recorder can be used openly to record in classrooms or in business settings, but it is also effective as a recorder for surveillance operations, where it can be worn underneath clothing and kept secret.

Voice Activation Technology

The voice activation abilities of this voice recorder enable the user to not have to worry about a bunch of useless time of minutes where nothing was being said. The voice activation technology is activated by someone speaking, so that is when the recorder will be cued to start recording. This leaves the person to be able to focus on the important parts of the audio, not just an endless stream of recording where nothing is taking place.

Overall, the 16 GB Voice Recorder is a great buy for anyone needing a recording device and microphone for their audio surveillance needs!


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