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5 Negative Effects of Social Media on Kids and Why Parents Must Do SMS Tracking

In the past, parents felt anxious about what their teens do and where they go after school, but today, parents are more into cell phone and SMS tracking. With the explosion of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc, children and teens now have more options when it comes to communicating and remaining connected with other people. So, what could be wrong with this?

While social networking is a great method for young people to make friends, meet new people and keep in touch with their loved ones, it also has negative effects on children and teens. After learning them here in this post, you’ll realize why every parent should now learn how to GPS a cell phone.

Negative Effects of Social Media on Children and Teens

  1. Hate Messages

Children who are using Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are exposed to disrespectful behaviors and hate messages. Since most social media platforms have no ability to screen their users and filter the messages going through them, young people are at a risk of receiving hate speeches from unknown people.

  1. Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is one of the biggest issues involving social media. This type of bullying takes place when someone intentionally humiliates, embarrasses, or threatens another person online. There are many ways a person may become a victim of cyber bullying. This form of bullying also does not choose any age, and therefore, anybody can be a victim of this online harassment.

  1. Identity Theft

Children and teens usually have no clue as to what information they can and can’t share online. Also, they can hardly understand what identity theft is all about. As a result, they end up disclosing personal information and information about their family that can put everyone in danger of identity theft. Thus, it’s important that parents explain to their children that not every piece of information about themselves and their family can be shared online.

  1. Body Shaming

Social media encourages people to share their stories and their lives online. It has actually allowed ordinary people to take a peek into the lives of their favorite artists, athletes and public figures. But this can have its consequences, too, such as body shaming.

Body shaming is when a person is criticized because of his or her body shape, type, or size. Studies also reveal that teenagers easily lose their self esteem because they always see how nice-looking or gorgeous other people on the internet are.

  1. Online Dating

There are way too many online dating sites that are easily accessible to young teens. You can just imagine the kind of danger your child would be in if he or she goes on a date with someone they only met online. But thanks to free GPS cell phone tracking software, parents can now monitor not only their teen’s social media activities, but their GPS location as well.

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