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6 Apps & Sites To Help You Find A Reliable Babysitter

Finding a reliable babysitter can be tough. Your parents or in-laws are usually your first choice. But if you live far away or have to go to a family wedding they aren’t always available. If you’re lucky you have someone in your neighborhood who can babysit for you. But every parent knows you need to be prepared with a list of backup babysitters. Check out these 6 babysitting apps and sites for your date night sitters, last minute sitters, after school sitters, and more!

Top Babysitting Apps & Sites


Care.com is probably the most well known of the babysitting apps. This app helps you find nannies and babysitters, date night sitters, after school sitters, special needs sitters and more. More than 25 million people in 20 countries use Care.com and its companion app to find babysitters. You can find, review, book and pay sitters all from the app. You can set criteria up for your sitter search such as must be CPR/First Aid Certified, have own transportation, non-smoker.  

Pricing: $37 per month or $12.25 per month for 12 months; free basic membership available


Bambino is a private community where friends find trusted neighborhood sitters. The app connects with your Facebook and your Facebook friends who also use the app and builds your list of trusted sitters. As long as you don’t want to hoard your favorite babysitter all to yourself, this is the app for you. The different types of sitters they have range from:

      • Junior Sitters, General Experience, 13-15 Years Old
      • Standard Sitters, Intermediate Experience, 15-18 Years Old
      • Advanced Sitters, Advanced Experience, 18+ Years Old
      • Elite Sitters, Elite Experience, 18+ Yrs, Background Checked

Pricing: No membership fees.  


Post a job right from the app detailing your needs and have qualified sitters apply. Get instant notifications when you receive sitter applications or responses. Filter your sitter search results based on criteria like experience and skills. View sitter profiles with contact info, photos, and background checks. With over 1 million caregiver profiles nationwide, Sittercity connects you with the most qualified sitters.  

Pricing: $35 per month; free basic membership available


One simple interface powers the entire process for parents and babysitters. With the paid membership, you can search by availability and browse categories like experience, pay rate, and background to find a match. Book jobs, make payments, and post reviews, all in the app. With 150,000 caregivers in 60 cities and an average response time for last-minute requests of three minutes or less UrbanSitter is the Uber of babysitting apps.

Pricing: $34.95 per month, pay as you go; $19.95 per month or $99.95 per year with a subscription; free basic membership available

Sitting Around

Sitting Around is the co-op of babysitting apps. Groups of parents trade free babysitting with their neighbors. As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child and SittingAround helps you build that village. It’s a great way for kids to make friends with other kids in the neighborhood and have the support of other parents.  It will also save you a ton of cash!

Pricing: $5 per month or $15 annually; 60-day free trial; free, ad-supported accounts available to families with financial hardship


The babysitting app that’s great for your ad-hoc, short notice and regular childcare needs. Find brilliant babysitters recommended by your friends and community. Like Bambino, it connects you with your friends through Facebook and your Contacts.  Sitters are background checked and identity checked, but you can ask your friends to vouch for them! Pay for and review the sitter directly in app.

Pricing: Free

How To Ensure Your Babysitter Isn’t A Criminal

Once you’ve selected a babysitter, the first thing you will want to do before you let them be alone with your kids is use a Babysitter Sex Offender Directory Search. The results will show if your babysitter has been involved with any of the following sexual offenses and crimes:

      • Sexual assault
      • Sexual assault of a spouse
      • Sex trafficking
      • Sexual conduct of a minor
      • Indecent exposure
      • Aggravated assault
      • Kidnapping
      • Statutory rape
      • Rape

While many of these babysitting apps run background checks for elite membership levels, it is best to take things into your own hands and ensure your children are safe. You can never be too safe when it comes to your children and who you are letting into your home. And when it comes to date night, all you need to do is enjoy yourself!

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