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8 Tips for Getting And Staying Fit

Spring is officially here and—as is the case this time every year—I’m in bad shape. After a long winter of eating everything I see, not exercising, and covering up with bulky sweaters, I’m seriously not ready for bathing suit weather. Thankfully, I still have a few months before I will be visiting a beach or pool. So, I know that all is not lost. But honestly, I’m just going to do what I always do. Put myself on a miserable diet and then work my butt off at the gym. The same gym that I didn’t bother to visit for most of the winter.


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It’s a sad cycle that I repeat annually. And yet, despite all the hard work that I put in every Spring and Summer to get myself back into fighting shape, I’m ending up a pound or two heavier each year. You’d think I’d learn by now. Letting myself deteriorate for about 150-plus days—and then trying to recoup all that I lost (or gained, technically) is stupid. It’s like partying all week in college and then pulling an all-nighter on Thursday to cram for a test Friday morning.


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My philosophy for years!


The thing is. I’m not getting younger. Staying in shape is getting harder. If I don’t coral my lifestyle choices soon, I may not make it to my golden years. That’s why I’m going to make some real changes. Starting now. And if you’re considering changing your ways too, then you might want to follow my lead.


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Exactly how I feel about people who are on a diet and feel the need to tell me about it. Every. Single. Time.


Here are Several Tips to Help You Get Fit:

• Don’t diet. Change your eating lifestyle. Plan your meals, eat lean protein and less carbs, count your calories and fat grams.
• Learn the importance of portion control. Americans are used to big servings. That’s why we are so overweight. A real portion of food is the size of a deck of cards.
• Create multiple goals and stick to them.
• Devote at least 30 minutes a day to exercising.
• Make exercising fun. Play a sport, take a class, find a friend to join you.
• Get a full night’s sleep.
• Drink plenty of water (64 ounces a day).
• Utilize fitness software and tech to help you achieve your goals.


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By doing these things, I know that I can get to a better place—and you can too.


fitness software


Finding menu options, exercise routines, and fitness software is easy!

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