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A History of The Cell Phone

Whether you are young or old, it seems like just about everyone uses one. Some parents allow their young children to use it to play games to keep them quiet. Teens use it to keep in touch with friends. Adults us it to make calls, post to social media and text others for business or personal use. We know it as a cell phone, but the version we know today is a far cry from the first editions.

The Early History of Mobile Phones

Since the days of the first landline telephone, in order to make a call you needed to use telephone lines to connect the phone users. In the early 1900’s the first mobile phones were introduced with the military being primary users. In the course of war, they could not use phone lines, so phones were developed that did not rely on direct lines. This led to the first car phone, which is the forerunner of the cell phone. It was big, but was effective in making and receiving calls while you are in your automobile. This led to the first cell phone that was aimed at the average person.

In 1983, Motorola developed the first mobile phone that was truly portable. It was something that you were able carry, but compared to the mobile phones of today, they were still very large. The first cell phones were only able to make and receive calls. This still was a big accomplishment and an important development for consumer and business users alike. You now were able to be connected to others when you were away from your home phone.

Modern Day Cell Phones

Over the course of time the functionality of the cell phone has improved dramatically. From only making and receiving calls, other tasks and functionality were eventually added. They include sending and receiving text messages, using a calendar, using mapping functions, conducting financial transactions, surfing the web, posting to social media and much more. Making the modern cell phone one of the most powerful devices at our disposal and has become an essential part of our everyday life, for young and old!