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A New Way To Secure Your Twitter Account

Twitter has exploded into popularity along with many other social media platforms. The social media network is projected to reach 59.6 million users in 2020. It’s used by businesses, artists, bands, athletes, and just about anyone that has a cell phone. 

Change In Security Setting

There has been a crucial change in Twitter’s security settings that has improved its two-factor authentication feature. With it, you are now able to link your account without having your phone number associated with the account. 

Twitter has been using two-factor authentication security for over a year now to help keep their millions of user profiles protected. By switching to a function that does not link directly to the user’s cell phone number, they are far less vulnerable to scam attacks such as SIM swapping. 

The new platform update allows support for more browsers and authenticators, as well as continuing its current phishing resisting capabilities. This is important because it allows for the use of third-party security apps. 

These third-party authentication apps help keep our information safer than the basic security features already used in the Twitter app. By allowing more security for user profiles, Twitter is eliminating the risk of their users being vulnerable to a variety of scammers. 

What Is SIM Swapping? 

SIM swapping occurs when a hacker is allowed by a cell phone provider to activate your SIM card from another device. By activating the current sim card on another device, a hacker can then shutdown your own mobile phone and block you from accessing your accounts. 

These hackers are likely looking to access as much of your information as possible. Once they have access, they will review and find account information regarding banks or credit card numbers and transfer that information to their own accounts.

Your bank or any other app on your device may notify you if they notice any type of suspicious activity with your account. Most of the time, they inform you by calling the phone number associated with the account. That is why it is vital to keep your phone number safe from these scammers and remove any direct links there may be from your account to your phone number. 

How To Remove Phone Number From Your Twitter Account

It is simple to remove the phone number linked to your Twitter account. To do so, you will need to locate the settings tab within the Twitter app, and view your login and security features. From there, you will be able to remove the phone number linked to the account by clicking on the phone number option. Keep in mind, you will need to provide a new way to enable the two-factor authentication on the app. 

You can also simply text Twitter’s short code STOP and your number will be removed from the associated account immediately.  

These other features are just as useful as linking your mobile number to your account. I believe these additional features are sometimes more efficient when protecting the account. With more security features enabled, it will make it harder for these scammers to gain access to your information.

Other Ways To Secure Your Twitter Account With 2FA

There are other ways to successfully run the two-factor authentication feature within the account settings besides linking your phone number to the account.

Authentication App

The first option I suggest would be to use the authentication app feature in your security settings. By enabling this feature, you will need to download a third-party authentication app that will link to your Twitter account. By linking the app  to your account, you will be able to monitor when someone has signed in without your permission. Some apps are able to pinpoint the location of where the user is trying to access your account from.

Security Key

The other feature available in the app’s 2FA setting is to use the security key feature. With this feature, it will require an additional step after entering the login credentials to sign into the Twitter app. This may include actions such as being prompted to enter a specific code sent to the user, login confirmation via mobile app, or a physical security key may be required.

Twitter has stated that they expect to add other security and two-factor authentication options in the future. Using an authentication app or security key are both great ways to apply an extra layer of security to your account.  

Be aware of all of Twitter’s security and privacy features, and be careful about what information you are providing the platform. By limiting the personal information these social media sites have access to, you reduce the risk of your data being exposed during one of these cyber criminal attacks. 

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