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Access Whereabouts Of Pokémon GO Addict Child With GPS Cell Phone Tracker

Access Whereabouts Of Pokémon GO Addict Child With GPS Cell Phone Tracker

If you want to keep up with your child’s whereabouts when they play Pokémon GO, then you need to look into getting a GPS cell phone tracker! There are many great reviews to check out if you’re skeptical. In fact, Safeguarde’s own website has numerous testimonies from parents who can confirm that these programs actually work. To learn more about how to use this software without having access to your child’s smartphone, click the link above. It’s an easy way to keep an eye on them while they’re outside catching Pokémon.

Newest Mobile Game Addiction: Pokémon GO

Recently, Pokémon GO has been all over the Internet. It requires players to go outside and roam around to find “PokéStops,” which will give them “Poké Balls” and other items they can use to catch Pokémon. Children and adults alike are everywhere playing this game. They can be found in streets, parks, and other public spaces gazing at their phones, almost looking foolish to non-players. As you may have guessed, Pokémon GO is a huge sensation – it’s already reached over 7 million downloads! If your child likes the Pokémon franchise, they probably already have this game downloaded on their phone.

The Dangers Of Pokémon GO

While this app does encourage its users to play outdoors, there’s no guarantee that kids will be safe in whatever location they end up in. It could be a dangerous neighborhood or an unfamiliar area that a young child should not be visiting. This possibility is very alarming to parents of Pokémon GO players.

That’s just one reason why a GPS cell phone tracker like SurePoint Spy exists – parents need to make sure their kids are safe when they’re unable to supervise them. This particular software is one of the best spy apps for Android users. Popular Android smartphone manufacturers include Samsung, LG, HTC and Motorola. However, Apple users can also use SurePoint Spy because it’s compatible with iPhones, too.

Signs That Your Child Is A Pokémon Go Addict

The Pokémon GO crazy is unstoppable! However, due to the nature of this game, some users may become addicted to it. If your child exhibits any of these signs, act as soon as you can before their addiction gets worse.

  • Always has their head down and looks at their phone while walking
  • Loves going out but when they’re outside, they’re unaware of their actual surroundings
  • Visits their local park more often than usual
  • Regularly goes to locations that they used to avoid

Best GPS Cell Phone Tracker: SurePoint Spy

While you can find many trackers online, SurePoint Spy is the best. It’ll give you real-time updates on your child’s GPS location and phone activities. Once it’s installed, you can access remote tracking, recordings, and data storage through your online account. To learn more about how to read text messages on your child’s phone, visit their website!

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