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Amazing Software Spy Mobile Phone Features You Should Not Miss

Cell phone spy software is one of the latest products of technology that many ordinary people can truly benefit from. Although you might think that only secret agents would find such software useful, there are a lot of great things you can do with it especially if you need to monitor someone through their mobile phones. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can legally spy on whoever you want. There is a limitation to the use of mobile phone spyware of course. Only those who legally own the device can use a software spy mobile phone to monitor its user. That’s why this product is very popular among parents and employers who want to keep track of their kids’ and employees’ cell phone use.

There are, indeed, a lot of different companies offering spy software for mobiles. Before you invest in any of them, it is important that you make yourself familiar first with the features of these mobile phone trackers. Here are some of the coolest features you can expect from Auto Forward mobile spying software:

SMS Logging

One of the basic uses of a mobile phone is to send and receive text messages. Smart phones, however, do not have the ability to retrieve messages that have been deleted already. What’s really amazing with spy software for mobiles is that it allows you to view even those text messages that were deleted recently.

Call Recording

If you want to know, for instance, who your child regularly talks to on the mobile phone, installing software spy mobile phone will make it possible for you to even listen to their conversation. This is because the software can record all the calls that take place on the mobile phone. You can also get a list of all the callers and the person the user is calling.

GPS Tracking

Another great feature of mobile spying softwares is GPS tracking. Through this, you can receive a report related to the exact location of the device at a particular time. You have the option to receive data from the GPS tracker on a regular basis. This is something that parents and employers really find useful as they could know the whereabouts of their children or employees.

Web Browser History

For parents who are worried that their children might be viewing web content that is not child-friendly, this mobile spyware feature is really helpful. Auto Forward mobile spy can give you access to the target phone’s web browsing history. This means that you will be able to see the websites your child frequently visits. Plus, you can block those websites you don’t want your child to access.

Auto Forward is without a doubt the answer to your mobile spy software needs. Visit http://auto-forward.com/ to know how this spy software for mobiles can help you.

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