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Amazon Employees Could Be Watching Your Cloud Cam Footage!

It seems like no one’s information is private anymore, thanks to the smart devices we use and the company employees who review the data received from them. Amazon is now under scrutiny (again) regarding their employees’ reviewing customer Cloud Cam footage, first reported by Bloomberg

It was revealed that dozens of Amazon employees in Romania and India review submitted clips to better their AI algorithms and help solve troubleshooting issues. For example, they can be used to help the Cloud Cam distinguish a threat from a false alarm. 

The people who submit the clips (with permission to review them) are employee testers and Cloud Cam owners. But what about their other Amazon Cloud Cam footage? Well, if the customer doesn’t submit the clip for troubleshooting purposes, only the customer can view their clips. 

However, this may not be the case. Two Amazon employees reported that in some instances, they have received video clips of people having sex. They also noted that employees have shown footage to non-team members. According to Amazon’s Spokesperson, all inappropriate clips are flagged and scrapped so they aren’t seen by their human reviewers and used for AI training. 

So, what’s the truth? It’s unclear. But what is clear is that you can’t trust smart device companies (like Amazon) and their employees with the privacy of your information and footage. To protect yourself, be careful who you allow access to your Cloud Cam account and avoid submitted clips to Amazon (if possible). 

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