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Why Amazon Prime Day Is Bad For Business

Amazon Prime Day

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, Amazon Prime Day was July 11th and everyone went crazy. Sales, sales, and sales galore! The most popular item sold that day was the Echo Dot which was discounted to $34.99. Even though the sales were unbelievable, businesses took a hit.

Since the Amazon Prime Day lasted 30 hours, many employees used their work hours to browse Prime Day deals. This resulted in a loss of work hours and productivity on this day for businesses. According to CNBC, 78% of employers said they would look at Prime Deals during work hours. With this, they estimated a loss of work hours roughly totaling $10 billion! Yes, you read that right.

With online shopping days like this and Cyber Monday, how can businesses prevent this massive loss? One way is by installing monitoring software on company devices to track employees’ activities. Here are some ways employers can use this software to check on their employees.


1. Web Browsing History

Amazon Prime Day
Get a closer look at what your employees are browsing.


When major online shopping deals arrive, employees are going to go on their phones’ Internet browser to search. A tracking software can extract a smartphone user’s web browsing history. So, if an employee went to visit Amazon or Groupon, the employer would be notified immediately and find out!


2. App Activity and Usage

Amazon Prime Day
How much app time are employees spending?


If someone is browsing shopping deals, they may skip web browsing and go straight to the app for extra deals! An employer can see exactly what apps an employee is using and when they are using it. This will give a boss a better idea if their employees are wasting their work time on their phone.


3. Social Media

Amazon Prime Day
So many social platforms to visit!


A well known time waster of work hours is social media. No matter the day, cell phone users feel the urge to constantly check their feeds and notifications. According to The Telegraph, employees waste about 60 hours per month and 16.9% of the time on social media.  With monitoring software, employers can check an employee’s social media activities including posts, messages, friends, shares, and comments.


4. GPS Location

Amazon Prime Day
Straying from your work route?


For employers who have employees in the field, a phone GPS locator can come in handy. They can make sure their employees are where they’re supposed to be and that they’re not straying from their route. So, if it’s a major shopping day like Black Friday, business owners can be reassured knowing that their workers aren’t shopping and taking advantage of work hours.  

Next time there is a major shopping day like Amazon Prime Day, track your employees using monitoring software.

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