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Anything can be done on the internet nowadays – even divorces.

An article popped up yesterday and it’s been taking the internet by storm. If you haven’t heard about it, here’s a little insight into the Facebook divorce case proving anything can be done on the internet. Yesterday it was announced that a judge determined a Brooklyn woman can use Facebook to serve divorce papers to her hard-to-find husband. Ellanora Baidoo and Victor Sena Blood-Dzraku were married in a civil ceremony, but never had the traditional Ghanaian ceremony they had discussed. The two never consummated the marriage and never lived together as husband and wife. Baidoo wanted a divorce, but her husband was hard to find, having no fixed address, employment or even address to send his bills for the last four years. The only contact the two had was occasional phone calls and Facebook messages. With him being MIA, the judge granted Baidoo the right to serve him divorce papers via a private Facebook message. With this news now I definitely think we’ve seen it all.

This news story further proves the power of the internet: it’s a tool to carry out anything, including tasks that traditionally aren’t done electronically. So, can you imagine the power the internet has for tasks that ARE meant for electronic use? If someone can send divorce papers through the internet, just imagine what could be coming through on everyone else’s Facebook account. The world is a scary place and just as Facebook messenger can be used for good, like finally getting out of a messy marriage, it can also be used by people looking to do some darker things. The dark side of the internet can be brought into the light with the use of cell phone tracking software. By utilizing this technology you can see exactly what your child is doing on their phone, including their Facebook messages and all other social media, text messages and calls going in and out of their phone.

Highster Mobile is one of the leading cell phone spy apps, with plenty of satisfied customers proactively monitoring and making sure their child is safe. In addition to tracking messages, you can track the location of the phone and your child with the GPS location feature, view all of their contacts and emails, and even view photos from the target phone yourself so you can see exactly what’s going in your child’s life. With stories like the Baidoo case filling our newsfeeds every day, it just solidifies the thought that you can do just about everything on the internet, and no one is safe from the dark side. Use Highster Mobile to protect your child from internet predators, and don’t let online threats ruin his/her relationship with all the good things the internet was intended for.

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