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Apple and Android Tracking App For Intense Monitoring

With so many promising technological innovations felt every single day, here’s an apple and android tracking app that would surely help in monitoring intensely employees, teenagers or family members in general. It is designed for greatness and handiness that what requires of you is only a mobile phone and an internet connection. It is way cheaper than hiring a private investigator.

Well-aware of how phones are considered these days, it isn’t surprising that the most credible information we get is from sms, calls, web searches or any other mobile activities. You may talk to your teen or a family member in between breaks at work, but who she engages with in a particular place may be in contrast to what she declares. Same goes with employees who use corporate phones for personal purposes during work hours.

SurePoint Spy, a mobile tracking app suitable for you

How great is it to know that info be delivered to you first hand within a click’s worth. One specific tracking app is SurePoint Spy that will leave you above satisfied. It is essentially made for teen, family and employee monitoring.Using the app will answer one’s question on how to spy on text messages and all phone undertakings.

It is apple and android device compatible. The app virtually monitors everything on the target device; by target device meaning, mobiles of either three above mentioned. SurePoint allows you, the “investigator”, to record and view details of outgoing and incoming calls as well as text messages, even those that have been deleted for unknown reasons. It also tracks all GPS location on a map with a 5-minute interval. Emails made and received including deleted ones are accessible. You can screen photos videos, contacts, calendar notes saved on device. All social media including WeChat, Skype, What’s App, Skype, Line Chat, Instagram, Twitter and of course Facebook, being the most influential and popular among all social media sites can be monitored along with posts made or tagged and messages received/sent. The app also gives you a real-time view and take pictures of target’ settings using the camera on target device. Browser history can also be viewed. Plus you can actually lock phone in case lost or stolen. All these can be viewed live in a control panel which you can login from your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Take These Steps Before Monitoring

Before you take steps, make sure get yourself a paid app and not a free txt spyware for mobile. As these two promise similar features, paid apps like SurePoint Spy offers guaranteed extensive features that will prevent cyber crimes from happening if you have a teen or discover unnecessary actions made a worker. Don’t be a prey of false advertisements.

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