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Apps That Are Harmful To Children and Can Be Blocked Using Cell Phone Monitoring Software

It is good to state early on in this post that the following apps are not generally harmful but specifically harmful to minors (teenagers or young children) with Smartphones. Industry experts are touting the messaging apps as a revolutionary idea and quite frankly the most popular apps at the moment are messaging apps. These apps are designed for a certain age and a teenager or minor might be in great danger if they start accessing them prematurely.

However, with the Auto Forward Cell Phone Spy parents can easily block some of these apps from their children’s phone. The best thing is to ensure they are well protected and safe from harmful applications or sites. The cell cell phone spy  free download allows you to monitor their activities even blocking any apps that you deem harmful to the children.

Apps that can (need to) be blocked for Children safety

SnapChat –this app has grown in leap and bound ever since it was launched. The app targets a particular demographic with the sole purpose of making texting interesting. However, due to its features it tends to lean more towards ‘sexting’ which is not appropriate for young kids and teenagers. The messaging app has been designed in a way that once you send a photo it deletes itself within 10 seconds. So that makes it easy for people to send indecent pictures through the platform. Although 10 seconds is still a long time for recipient to actually take a screenshot of the image before it deletes itself

Whisper –now here is another interesting app. Just as the name suggest this app is all about sharing secrets with total strangers. Obviously, kids will fall in love with such an app because of its anonymity. However, there is a catch, since anonymity might be lost when it allows users to communicate with those near them through the use of GPS tracking. It might seem safe initially but if the children are not monitored on its use, it might prove harmful to them. For the children it’s very unsafe since they do not know who is behind the computer of phone on the other end. Who knows? It might be a sexual predator.

Kik messenger –one of the reasons this messaging app is so popular is the fact that it is a private messaging app that kids use to send messages that parent can’t see. It is very difficult to verify the other person’s identity on the other end which poses a great risk for children and teenagers. It’s quite popular for ‘sexting’ as well. So once a parent installs the Auto Forward Cell Phone Spy they should block this app.

Down –initially this application used to be known as ‘bang with friends’. So you can imagine whatever goes on behind its phone screens.  This application is connected with your Facebook profile. The application further categorizes your Facebook friends in two categories: those that you don’t mind spending time with or those you are down to hook up with for a night. The wordings itself in the app should raise red flags for a protective parent with access to the Auto Forward Cell Phone Spy software. Such an app is not very safe for an underage.

In a nutshell, there are numerous risky apps and website that are not healthy for young children and teenagers. But all hope is not lost because knowledge is power. With the information gathered here and the great features found in the Auto Forward Spy it’s quite easy to put a lease on an escalating bad habit.

The app has the ability to uninstall any of the harmful apps and even control teen user from getting near these apps again when browsing. It could be they’ve not yet learned of these harmful apps but even if they have you can still protect them as a parent through the Auto Forward Spy


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