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Are There Sex Offenders In My Area? How To Protect Your Family From Them


Over a lifetime, 23% of men and 44% of women will experience some form of sexual violence, according to the Office For Victims Of Crime. Your neighbor, friend, child’s teach, or a stranger you met at the coffee shop could be a sex offender and you wouldn’t even know it. So, is there a way to find sex offenders in your area? We discuss this below, along with ways to protect your family from sex offenders.

How To Find Out If There Are Sex Offenders In Your Area

It’s relatively simple to see if there are any sex offenders in your area.

Method 1: Do A Public Directory Search

There are many online services that allow you to search for a person and learn more about them such as Kiwi Searches. You would be able to see someone’s criminal past including if they are a registered sex offender. You can also learn what their phone number is, where they live, and other personal information.

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Method 2: Search Your State’s Sex Offender Registry

Each state has a sex offender registry which the public can access. First, visit this FBI Scams and Safety page. Then, click on the state you live in and do a sex offender search on the website you’re directed to.  

How To Protect Your Family From Sex Offenders

  1. Make Sure You Know Everyone In Your Life

It’s important you know everyone in you and your family’s life. Coaches, neighbors, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, babysitters, the list goes on. Do a background check on them to see if they are dangerous.

  1. Be Up-To-Date On Any Incidents In Your Area

Even if you have a busy work schedule, take the time to see if any sexual incidents happened in your area. Where and when did they happen? Was the perpetrator caught? Knowing this is important so you and your loved ones can stay away from dangerous areas in your neighborhood.

  1. Monitor Your Child’s Phone Activity

Often, a sexual predator is someone in your child’s life. With online use on the rise, sexual predators are targeting young, naive children by impersonating someone younger they can trust. By using a smartphone monitoring software, you would be able to know where your child is at all times and everything they’re doing on their phone. Not sure if doing this is the right thing to do? This horror story should convince you!

  1. Educate Your Child On Their Body

When your child is old enough, educate them on the anatomy of their body and which areas are “private”. They should understand that no one should touch them without their permission, especially in private areas.


Don’t let your family become another statistic. By answering, “are there sex offender in my area?”, and taking the above precautions, you and your family should be safe from sex offenders.

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