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Assistant Principal Catches A Bum Rap By Appearing In A Super Raunchy Hip-Hop Video Featuring Trey Songz!

An assistant principal from Southampton Long Island just got sent to the Principal’s office for appearing in a raunchy new hip-hop music video featuring drinking, drugging and lap-dancing galore.

In the beginning of the drug and alcohol-filled video for singer J.R.’s song “Best Friends”, Esther Adler-O’Keefe—the Assistant Principal at  Southhampton High School in Long Island, New York—is seen smiling while handing over her mansion to the hip-hopper and saying, “Enjoy yourself. Just remember, security’s here.” But what follows next would land any student—and faculty member—in detention. Immediately after, the song kicks in and the “security guards” start stripping and giving J.R. a lap dance while he croons, “I got two bitches twerkin’, screamin’ that’s my best friend.”

Ahhh. Poetry in motion.

Soon after, J.R. and his security staff are joined by his “best friend” Trey Songz and a bevy of bikini clad twerkers who twist and gyrate and guzzle alcohol from the bottle while the singer brags about how many threesomes he can have.

Hmm. Now is that the kind music program Adler-O’Keefe wants to promote at her school?

“We actively teach our students the importance of good character and making smart choices.”

—Scott Farina, Superintendent of Southampton School District


A statement released by Southampton school district superintendent Scott Farina, said O’Keefe’s behavior was not representative of the district’s students and staff. Farina also added that the district could not legally comment further as it was looking into the incident.

Now in Theaters! Clueless 2: The Assistant Principal.

According to Adler-O’Keefe, she had no idea J.R.’s video was going to be so raunchy when she agreed to star in it.

In an email to 27east, she wrote, “Had I known of such content or lyrics, I certainly would not have participated in any fashion. I find the lyrics and content of the music video vulgar, offensive and demeaning.”

Looks like someone didn’t do their homework! Honestly, is there anyone out there today—especially one surrounded by teens on a daily basis—that is so clueless about hip-hop music and the culture that surrounds it?


The Kids Are Alright.

While there’s been plenty of criticism over the Assistant Principal’s involvement in the video, there have been plenty of comments on social media that seem to have no problem with this form of adult education:

  • “The lady who owns the house is my vice principal.”
  •  “Shout out to ms. O’keefe. She finna blow this video up.”
  • “If this was my principal I would never miss another dayyyy.”
  • “Free Adler O’Keefe.”

Make Way For The New Common Core Program.

Adler-O’Keefe makes another appearance at the end of the video where she finds her trashed house filled with drugs and half-naked women. And how does she respond? Apparently the way educators are supposed to nowadays—by conking the student delinquent on the head with a beach ball!

I’m thinking there are a lot of tax-paying parents out there who would like to do the same to her … but with something other than a beach ball.



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