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Blogger, writer, yoga enthusiast, and cell phone monitoring software expert.

Put The Easy in Cell Phone Monitoring

Easy Spy cell phone monitoring software is easy to install and use.

Are you interested in cell phone monitoring software but are a little confused about how it works? Would you make the purchase if you knew it was a simple three-part process? See the easy steps below to begin monitoring today. Easy Spy was designed for those who aren’t completely tech-savvy, and comes with no monthly costs and no hidden fees. This software …

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cell phone spy can prevent risky teen behavior

Planking is more than an exercise, purple drank is not just a sugary liquid, and i-dosing is not a new app from the Apple store. These are three dangerous teenage trends that most parents have never heard of in its teenage context. According to a report by GreatSchools.org, “High school alcohol and drug use is on the decline, but older kids …

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Oh No, I Lost My Phone

cell phone tracking software can turn the phone off from a remote location

Most people have had it happen to them at one time or another. You need it, but it looks like you’ve now lost it. You had it just a minute ago and then suddenly it was just gone. And whether it was your car keys, your wallet, or maybe just your glasses, you’re going to have some serious inconvenience if …

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Retaining Talent

cell phone monitoring software can help employers identify that they are at risk of losing the employee and take steps to ensure they can be retained.

For any company, hiring and keeping top talent can have a meaningful impact on the success and financial results they can achieve. Whether it’s the waitress at the diner who makes customers feel welcomed and appreciated so they come back, or the consummate sales “closer” who hunts and lands elephant deals for a big corporation, having better people in important roles …

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cell phone monitoring can prevent vamping.

Vamping is a teenage trend that many parents have no idea about – and why? Because it’s happening while the parents are sleeping. According to Teen Vogue, “more and more teens are sneaking their computers and phones into bed and reserving the early hours of the morning for socializing rather than sleeping…the middle of the night is the one time …

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Abuse Isn’t Gender-Specific

A recent Yahoo! News report claims that the U.S. is issuing harsher penalties to female sexual abusers, particularly teachers. The repot claims that what’s usually viewed as a joke is no longer one to law enforcement:  “A ‘Saturday Night Live’ skit about a male student having sex with his female high school teacher painted the relationship as every teen boy’s …

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Just When We Thought School Was Safe…

cell phone monitoring could help prevent things like the spain school attacj

We now live in a world where we must protect our children no matter where they are. Don’t you think it’s kind of ridiculous that we have to take extra measures to protect our children even while they’re at school? But yesterday in Spain at approximately 9:30 am, a 13-year-old boy attempted to re-enact the April 20th,1999 Columbine Massacre at a local …

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The Brighter Side of Technology

tracking technology helping humanitrarians

Think of all you use your cell phone for today that you’d never believe was possible ten years ago. You can apply for jobs from your phone. You can crowd fund you’re favorite project. You can find your new favorite restaurant when you’re traveling. You can find a fantastic dentist around the corner with a click of a button and …

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“Stealing” From the Company

Highster Mobile cell phone spy tracking

When did it become acceptable to steal from your employer? Of course the answer is that it didn’t. But we see loss to embezzlement, theft and other employee-caused liabilities continuing to rise. There are the notorious Bernie Madoff cases we hear about in the news and other, smaller scale thefts perpetrated by executives and financial professionals at many companies, local governments, …

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Heroin’s Big Comeback

Heroin…it’s making a big comeback. And just like the bad times of the early 1970s, the newspapers are full of stories about overdoses, tragic deaths, and ineffectual governmental handwringing about what to do to combat this silent killer. Theweek.com reported that “it’s become a dirt-cheap alternative to the prescription opiates abused by millions of Americans. With a dose of heroin …

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