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Blogger, writer, yoga enthusiast, and cell phone monitoring software expert.

5 Best Spy Apps For Call Tracking On Android Smartphones

spy call on android safeguarde

Are you wondering who your kids are phone calling with? Are you worried about how your employees communicate with your clients? An Android call recorder app spy can be the best solution for the aforementioned problems. A hidden spy call recorder for Android automatically logs all details of every incoming and outgoing phone call. Such tracking apps silently download all …

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Spy SMS on Android: 2022’s 5 Tracking Apps You Can Trust

spy sms on android safeguarde

Are you always concerned about whom your kids are exchanging text messages with? Have you been worried about your employees sending non-business-related texts during work hours?  SMS spy apps for Android can end this unnecessary worrying. A reliable spy app gives you real-time access to the target Android phone’s sent, received, and deleted text messages. Even the best free SMS …

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5 Best Spy Apps For Android In 2022

spy apps on android safeguarde

Have you ever thought of tracking your company-issued devices? Have you ever wanted to monitor your kid’s phone? Have you always wondered what features or value a phone monitoring software can provide? There’s no denying that electronic devices have evolved into more than just accessories. Such technological advancements — from phones to apps to software — significantly contribute to enhance …

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7 Offline Activities To Reduce Screen Time

offline activities safeguarde (

Since the beginning of the 1900s, the advancement of technology has been unstoppable. Fast forward to the present, entertainment and educational materials are no longer being viewed in books and magazines. People now use gadgets like phones, tablets, and laptops to learn more and occupy their time. With the increased use of technology, many people aren’t aware of how much …

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6 Video Game Safety Tips For Kids

video game safety

Fortnite, Mobile Legends, Roblox, Call of Duty, Overwatch, Clash of Clans, League of Legends – these are some of the most popular video/online games that young people nowadays get hooked on. The so-called freemium games are very popular as most of these are designed with multi-level goals and maps, eventually leading players to purchase bonuses to help maintain their ranks …

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What You Need To Know About The Byte App

Byte app safeguarde

Social media platforms continue to evolve, with new platforms and features being released every day. The next social media age is upon us with the recent emergence of TikTok. With its major popularity and user base, many new apps have followed suit, releasing their own take on the TikTok format. One such app is Byte.    What Is The Byte …

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Parents’ Guide To Social Media Safety For Teens

social media safety for teens

Teens are often glued to their phones or other devices, scrolling through various social networks and platforms online. Social media is highly popular with teens because it is such a convenient means to stay connected with people and stay up-to-date with trends and news. Due to the amount of time spent by teens online, social media safety has become a …

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Guide To Computer Safety For Kids

computer safety for kids

Today’s kids and teens grew up learning and using technology from computers to cell phones. They use such devices to go on social networking sites, complete schoolwork, and Google anything they want. However, such devices, specifically computers, expose kids to a world of dangers such as predators and hackers. That’s why parents must ensure their children stay safe while using …

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How To Block Porn On Your Child’s iPhone

how to block porn on iPhone

The internet, being like a double-edged sword, requires cautious and responsible use. There’s no denying that it has a long list of pros and advantages. However, we shouldn’t allow these to outweigh the possible risks and dangers. In this modern age, kids tend to spend more time in the virtual world. They are often glued to their cell phones playing …

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Is Your Text Messaging Really Secure?

is text messaging secure

Text messaging is one of the more common means of communication since cell phones came about. It is pretty straightforward – you send messages to a phone number and your cellular network and your recipient’s network will transmit it so the recipient receives the messages. A short messaging service (SMS) is simple enough to use and convenient too. But is …

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