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Auto forward spyware: The parents talk

Parenting a teenage daughter or son is very challenging.  Not only is it hard to understand what they want but most are very secretive with their stuff. You can never find a teenager who does not have a password on their cell phone. Try prying into their business and they won’t talk to you for the next one week or so. So how do you as a parent find out what your teen has been up to without them finding out you are doing so?

The Auto Forward app has been developed to find out what our teenage daughters or sons are up to.  With this app, you get to find out who she has been texting, who she has called and the best part is, even if she deletes a text or clears call history, the app never leaves any details out. At first you may admit that you will feel a little guilty for poking your nose into her business but you just have to be sure that she isn’t into anything unsafe. Monitoring your teen’s cellular activities helps prevent any unwanted activities that may lead to disasters.

Most dangerous places for your teens are social media sites. The amount of harm they can cause to your child would take so much time to undo. A good example is cyber bullying. You find your child posting pictures or status updates which can later on haunt him/her. A teen may post a picture of her but instead of getting positive comments; she gets the opposite which in turn causes depression and low self esteem.  Such a child would suddenly grow aloof which makes it difficult to help them.

If you are a parent with a teenager going through this, you can try and find out what’s going on by purchasing an auto-forward spying software. With this app you can view everything your young one has been up to no matter how long ago it was. The best part is it does not matter what kind of mobile phone you have because it is compatible with all mobile devices. With this app, you will be able to view all conversations made via SMSand WhatsApp, all call logs, any posts made on social media, and you can track where one has been and finally, all websites visited. What more could a ‘spy mum/dad’ need?

While you are at it, please try and talk to your child on the dangers of using the internet. The internet is a good place to learn a lot but at times the learning can go overboard, making your innocent one know about things they shouldn’t know at their age. Help them know about cyber bulling and the effects it can bring to the bully and the one being bullied. Your teen may not like the idea of mum snooping. It may not be a great idea but for your own piece of mind, you just have to do it because these young people still need guidance.

I recommend this to any parent out there who would like to apply parental guidance to their kids. In fact, this app is very easy to use and it takes very few minutes to install and get all the information you want. You will see nothing but positive reviews about it which is why you should buy it and see how it’s going to go with your daughter.  The ever amazing app will change the manner in which you make your decisions upfront without your children suspecting you or having any negativity towards the advice that is given.


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