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cell phone monitoring software can prevent a company data breach

Avoid a Data Breach

A Business News Daily article listed six ways for a small business to avoid a data breach. It is the responsibility of every employer to ensure that their data is safe from unauthorized eyes. Cell phones are integral to any business and therefore, the solution is not to withdraw them from your network or your employees. The most responsible thing to do is track your employees’ cell phones, using monitoring software such as Autoforward. This is not just good for increasing their productivity but also for ensuring data safety. You certainly do not want your company’s secrets to leak to your competitors. It can be very expensive.

Here are some crucial reasons why you should track your employee’s cell phone!
  1. The nature of your business

Some organizations have very sensitive information. Such include the medical institutions, banks and any other business that store personal information from customers in their databases. This kind of information can make you face hefty court fines if it is leaked out. It is your duty to make sure that your employees handle such vital information with care or expensive lawsuits will follow.

Tracking the cell phones of the employees can enable you to prevent such unfortunate occurrences. Some software have text messages spy ability and they provide access to call records. With such, you will be able to tell whether your employees are sharing clients information with unauthorized persons.

  1. Prevent competitors from accessing your data

The objective of every business is to have a competitive advantage over its competitors. Actually, each business has some secrets for which they would kill to ensure they do not get to their rivals. You can prevent the loss of such by installing cell phone monitor software in the phones you have issued to your employees. Get ahead of them with Autoforward software. It gives you a detailed record of all the company-issue cell phone usage throughout the day.

  1. Guarding the customer’s trust

If you fail to take the right measures and your customer’s information gets to the public, you will definitely lose many customers. For the client to give you their personal details, they must have trusted you to keep it within your walls. That is why when you release it, they find it hard to trust you again. Such cases are common in medical-related institutions as well as in the insurance and banking industries. Your customers’ satisfaction and data safety should be your overall goal.  Ensure that their information is safe by monitoring your employees’ phone usage.

Should any cell phone with important data get lost, you can remotely wipe the data from the lost cell phone. This feature is standard among many applications in the market today.

  1. Staying compliant with the state laws

Data protection is not an option, but it is a necessity by law. Therefore, by installing cell phone monitoring software, you will be escaping the legal hurdles. Every state has its own regulations on clients’ information, but the bottom line is that you must take the right measures to ensure its safety.

With that, you know how important it is to monitor your employees’ phones. It is for your own benefit and that of your clients and helps you retain your current talent. And it keeps you out of the courts.

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