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Best Cell Phone Spy Software for Surveillance

A lot of people start their spy app journey with this simple statement: I need an app for spying on a cell phone, but is it legal? Should I do it? And the answer is this: yes, it’s legal, and if you should do it depends on what your needs are. But if you’re balking because you think it’s an invasion of privacy, think of how much connectivity there is in the modern world.

How much are we connected? Who exactly is spying? You’d be surprised. According to a recent inquistr.com article, the FBI admits to flying hundreds of small spy planes over American cities:

“The FBI is flying hundreds of small planes above American cities armed with video and cell phone surveillance to spy on citizens without a judge’s approval, according to an Associated Press report. They’re armed with technology that allows them to identify people through the cell phones they carry, even if they’re not making a call or are out in public. The FBI spy planes come from hidden fake companies that are government fronts, so people on the ground can’t tell they’re being spied on. If that sounds like something out of a spy novel, it’s not.”

The article continues to say that FBI is mostly using these planes for specific investigations, but not always:

“They can also capture other video of unrelated activity that can be turned over to local police…FBI agents are then able to eavesdrop on phone calls, examine text messages, disrupt service, and track user’s locations.”

If the FBI are using small spy planes to protect citizens, on a smaller level, can’t we all relate to wanting protect someone we know? Today’s cell phone spyware is NOT just for scorned spouses. It’s evolved into a high-tech (yet surprisingly affordable) need for anyone that needs to monitor a cell phone. Cell phone monitoring software is an excellent choice, and Easy Spy is the best cell phone spy software on the market.

How does it work?spy text messages

Easy Spy was designed with the average person in mind, so it’s easy to install. You don’t have to be a technology wizard to understand and download the software. It works like any other application you’d download. Once installed, you will be able to retrieve text messages, call logs, GPS location, photos, videos, social media activity and much more from any supported cell phone or tablet. Currently Easy Spy supports all Android and Apple devices. What else makes it the best cell phone spy software on the market? It’s truly the cheapest option out there: no hidden costs and no monthly fees.

Millions of pieces of data are transmitted on a daily basis – text messages, emails, etc. In a Techspot article, this headline was posed:

“One minute on the Internet: 640TB data transferred, 100k tweets, 204 million e-mails sent.”

It goes on to say:

“A major contributor to that data, Google, will have answered (or at least tried to answer) more than two million search queries during that single, minute-long slice of time. Meanwhile, its YouTube video service will have served up roughly 1.3 million videos while simultaneously digesting about 30 hours’ worth of uploaded video destined for public consumption.”

That’s just one minute!

Why choose a cheap cell phone spy like Easy Spy? Why would we need to surveil? Surveillance of data protects us in a court of law. And in our daily lives, cell phone monitoring software protects anyone we care about by being the eyes and ears of another person’s electronic life. Being proactive is the key: wouldn’t you want to have the best cell phone spy software installed before you actually need it?

Visit easyspy.net to see how it works, and see just how easy it is.



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