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The Best Data Recovery Software, In My Book

How many of you have lost or broken a cell phone—or had one stolen? You know that initial feeling of panic that follows? The one that ravages your whole body and freezes your mind? It can take quite some time to recover from that feeling. That shock. Unfortunately, it can take a lot longer to recover all that you lost (passwords, photos, contacts, videos, voicemail, texts, iMessages, calendar entries, notes, etc.). That is … IF you can recover it.

The fact is that plenty of people have lost everything after a phone mishap. And it can easily happen to you. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Not if you install DDI Utilities data recovery software on your device.


data recovery software


DDI Data Recovery Software to the Rescue!

DDI Utilities data recovery software can help you recoup everything you lose in three easy steps. It did for me after I dropped my phone in the pool last summer. I had installed the software on my new phone just weeks prior—after dropping my previous phone in the very same pool. Yes, I know … I should leave my phone inside. Anyway, I put DDI on my phone because I wanted something beyond the iCloud backup since I store massive amounts of data. After just a few quick steps with my new, new phone, I was back in business. The iPhone Extractor extracted files from my iPhone, and automatically returned a copy of my recovered data files to my online account.


data recovery software DDI Utilities


DDI is very affordable and easy to use. The downloads are 100% safe and virus-free. The iPhone version worked with all of my Apple products (my iPhone, Macbook Pro, and iPad). And it also works with OS versions as well.


data recovery software broken iPhone


Don’t wait another day to get the best file recovery software.

Seriously, if don’t want to worry about lost data ever again, get DDI Utilities on every one of your devices. It goes way beyond what the iCloud offers. Trust me, if you’re accident-prone like me or accidentally delete something important, you’ll never have another panic attack. The product is so good that the creators should make one of those signs that says, “Keep Calm and DDI”.

Still not convinced which is the best data recovery software? Take a look at some reviews of DDI, then compare it to its competitors. I’m sure you’ll soon agree, it’s the best choice for you. It was for me. If you want to get right to it, click the download button below.


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