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Google Play Malicious Apps

Beware! Malicious Apps Return To Google Play!


It’s known that not all phone applications are legit and often are created by hackers to Android spy. These mobile apps are designed to look real and steal user information without being detected. Once again, it has been discovered that malicious apps were allowed into Google Play.


What Happened


Symantec found that Google Play allowed seven malicious apps to slip through the cracks. These apps had previously been in the store, just under different names and publishers. They also had similar code to the old malicious apps.

The app creators were smart in making sure they didn’t get caught. These applications were designed to clean up after their tracks, not launch malware right away to avoid suspicion, and use the Google Play icon. It’s unclear right now how many people these dangerous apps affected.

Even though Google has changed their app store’s vetting and screening processes, it’s clearly not enough. The question remains, what will Google’s next steps be?


Google Play Safety Tips For Users


Since Google Play users cannot rely on the store’s vetting process, users have to take safety precautions into their own hands.

Here are some safety tips you can take to protect your phone from malicious apps.

  • Have An Antivirus Software On Your Phone That Scans Daily.
  • Check The App’s Description, Privacy Policy, Website, And Publisher Before Downloading.
  • Read User Reviews To Make Sure The App Isn’t Fake.
  • If You See A Suspicious App, Report It.
  • Use A Cell Phone Spy App To Monitor Any Suspicious Phone Activity.
  • Make Sure Your Email Password(s) Are Strong And Impenetrable.
  • Every So Often, Review The Applications On Your Android Phone.


You would think after the past Google Play malicious app issues, Google would have learned by now how to keep them out. Apparently, they haven’t. All users can do is take their own precautions to avoid downloading these apps and keeping their Android phone safe.

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