Tinder, OkCupid, and Other Apps Sharing User Data, Study Says

tinder grindr

Table of Contents What Information Is Being Shared?Harmful ProfilingNorwegian Group Complaint A recent study revealed that apps such as Tinder, OkCupid, and Grindr are sharing data gathered from people’s personal devices to 3rd party marketing and advertising companies. Researchers from the Norwegian Consumers Council discovered that these companies might be violating privacy laws such as GDPR. The new study reviewed the …

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How To Uncover Hidden Facebook Messages On Your Child’s Phone

hidden facebook messages

Table of Contents What’s The Facebook Messenger App?Key Features Of The AppHow to Uncover Hidden Messages In Messenger Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular messaging platforms for Facebook users. The app allows its users to easily chat with friends or family from just about any device. A recent discovery reveals that your Messenger app may have hidden Facebook …

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Auto Forward Cell Phone Spy Review

Table of Contents How Auto Forward Spy WorksWhat You Will GetFacebook Monitoring with Auto ForwardSnapchat with Auto Forward SpyAuto Forward Spy Reporting Customer SupportPriceVerdict *This review has been updated on January 7, 2020 to reflect most recent technology and developments for the reviewed software.   THE GOOD –  Very easy to use. Works with all Android’s and iPhone’s. Super fast download …

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iPhones Are 167 Times More Likely To Be Hacked, Study Shows

iphone hacking

A recent study conducted by Case 24 was released stating that iPhones are 167 times more prone to hacking compared to other brands. The report analyzed monthly data, which was based on the number of users searching for hacking a smartphone brand or app.  The company found that over 10,040 people were searching for how to hack an iPhone, while …

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Apple Expands Their Bug Bounty Program To $1.5 Million

apple security bounty program

Table of Contents What Vulnerabilities Is Apple Looking For?About The Apple Security Bug Bounty ProgramThink You Can Hack An iPhone? Here’s How To Claim Your Reward  Back in August 2019, Apple expanded its Bug Bounty Hunter Program to macOS, and increased the bounty payout to $1 million. Now, they’ve  gone a step further with their program. How? By expanding the …

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How To Find Your Lost Phone

find lost phone

Table of Contents Find My Google PixelFind My Samsung PhoneFind My iPhoneFind My HTC PhoneFind My Lost LG PhoneFind My Phone Using IMEI TrackingFind My Phone Using My Cell Phone Carrier A lost cell phone is a major inconvenience for anyone in today’s world, as we are all becoming more dependent on these devices. Constantly using these devices for sending …

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iPhone 11 Pro Tracks Your Location After Being Told To Stop

iPhone location tracking

*Update: Apple will be rolling out iOS 13.3 to fix this issue, along with adding new parental controls. Apple claims the background location checks are due to their Ultra wideband chip.  Apple’s newest release, the iPhone 11 Pro, has customers questioning the behavior of the device. You have probably heard someone say they think their phone or apps are tracking …

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How To Break Cell Phone Addiction

how to break cell phone addiction

Table of Contents Do You Have Nomophobia?Signs You Are Addicted To Your Cell PhoneHow Your Mobile Phone Can Impact Your Life How To Stop Your Cell Phone Addiction Many new surveys have shown that smartphone addiction is on the rise, especially amongst teenagers. These surveys demonstrate how the use of the internet and smartphones is causing harm to our minds. Have …

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A New Way To Secure Your Twitter Account

Table of Contents Change In Security SettingWhat Is SIM Swapping? How To Remove Phone Number From Your Twitter AccountOther Ways To Secure Your Twitter Account With 2FA Twitter has exploded into popularity along with many other social media platforms. The social media network is projected to reach 59.6 million users in 2020. It’s used by businesses, artists, bands, athletes, and just …

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Is Your Phone Listening To You?

Is Your Phone Listening to You

Have you noticed after having a private conversation with a friend, you begin to receive phone ads for what you were discussing about? What about on your social media, seeing an ad for something you just Googled? It could be that your mobile device is listening in on your conversations through your phone’s microphone. Dr. Peter Hannay and His Phone …

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