How To Update Apps on iPhone (Automatic & Manual)

How to update apps on an iPhone

Regardless of where you’re downloading your phone applications from – App Store or Google Play – every mobile app requires regular updates. Like any other software, phone apps could be susceptible to vulnerabilities and threats and they need to be religiously patched or upgraded to retain optimum performance.  There are two ways of performing iPhone update apps. So if you’re …

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How To Block A Number On An iPhone

how to block a number on iphone

iOS devices are well-known for their built-in safety nets and pre-programmed security features. In fact, Apple has taken the extra mile of developing and utilizing its own operating system, application store, and cloud storage to gain control and authority, enabling them to mitigate risks. All these are proof of their good faith and unhinged commitment to providing a positive and …

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How To Make Folders On An iPhone

how to make folders on iphone safeguarde

Aside from Apple’s stringent safety and security protocols, many mobile phone users opt for an iPhone because of its sleek design. It’s aesthetically pleasing inside and out. Not to mention, the smart functionalities and advanced algorithms it offers. Like most cell phones, however, the iPhone could get easily crowded when you mindlessly download mobile applications. This is specifically true since …

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How To Turn Off Siri Reading Texts On Your iPhone

how to turn off siri reading texts on iphone

Apple is one of the pioneers in introducing a fully functional artificial intelligence built into electronic devices like smartphones. Known as Siri, Apple’s virtual and voice assistant has been an absolute success, opening more doors for tech innovations and advancements. Eventually, other brands and enterprises followed Apple’s explorations, giving birth to Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana, Fyle, Bixby, and various others. …

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How To Connect An iPhone To A Car

how to connect an iphone to a car

Technology has indeed come a long way. The advancements in automotive technology and communications technology can merge to create a more convenient and relaxing drive. For instance, you no longer have to solely rely on the car stereo for entertainment while driving. Also, you can take calls or accomplish other tasks through your phone and still be able to drive …

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Spy On A Cell Phone Without Having It, Possible?

spy on a cell phone without having access to it

There are several concerned parents and employers around the world. Many of which have children or employees utilizing cell phones. The common question they both ask is: What are they doing on their phone? Well, the answer to their question is cell phone monitoring software. However, there is a common misconception they can utilize such software to spy on a …

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How To Turn Off Siri On An iPhone

how to turn off siri

In this increasingly digital world, electronic gadgets, digital platforms, apps, software, virtual assistants, and the like, have become integral parts of daily living. These innovations undoubtedly make many processes more streamlined, tasks easier and faster to accomplish, and help people function more efficiently. Still, like most things, such advancements have their disadvantages. One such innovation is Apple’s Siri. Siri is …

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The Ultimate Guide To Cell Phone Security In 2021

cell phone security

There’s no denying cell phones have become significant tools, helping people through their day-to-day errands. These gadgets are useful, not only in peoples’ personal lives and relationships but also for tasks and school work. In this modern age, iPhones and Android phones are necessities. With 5.19 billion users, these devices have also become hot targets of cybercriminals.  When released to …

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Protect Your Business From Online Threats With Turbo

protect your business with turbospy monitoring software

  Technology has become a great tool in building, expanding, and sustaining a business. It is a valuable tool in running a business from administrative tasks, planning, production, marketing, and everything in between. The downside is that some people also make use of technology for their malicious activities. Such cyber-attacks are among the most prominent business threats that business owners …

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Turbo: A Parent’s Tool For Phone Safety

turboSpy for Parents

  Most kids nowadays spend more time at home than outdoors. It doesn’t mean, however, that they’re safer. This is because predators and malicious actors are now also lurking in the virtual world. While there’s no denying that technology has been significantly making our lives easier, it has its fair share of threats and disadvantages.  For instance, children can now …

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