iPhone Spy App – 5 Dangerous Apps Your Child Must Not Use

Dangerous Apps.jpg

Parents need to be fully aware that certain apps that their children have easy access to can be very dangerous, which makes it a necessity nowadays for parents to know how to track a cell phone location. Yes, there are cell phone spy apps that can aid parents in monitoring how their children use their smartphones. But, there are millions …

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Are Cyberbullying among Girls More Common and How to Stop It?


At a very young age, children now have access to the Internet and social media, which is seen as one of the biggest reasons for the increase in the number of cyberbullying cases, and the number of parents looking to use spyware for cell phones. Cyberbullying takes place when technology and the Internet are used to threaten, harass, or humiliate …

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Phone Locator App: How This Can Help Parents and Businessmen

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Having a phone locator app can be a great tool to own especially if you want to know the whereabouts of someone without actually having to be with them the whole time. Parents and businessmen are among the top list of people who can greatly be at an advantage when it comes to using this app since it can be …

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Tracking a Cell Phone Can Help Parents Save Teens from Internet Addiction

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Many parents, even those who use phone track software, wonder how much online activity is considered excessive or too much. Although internet addiction isn’t considered an actual psychiatric  disorder, psychologists and psychiatrists admit that more research is needed for them to know how excessive use of the Internet really affects the psychological development of young people, particularly teenagers. Who is …

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DDI Utilities Review

DDI Utilities

DDI Utilities is part of the emerging new technology of utility programs that enable a person to spy on any cell phone without having the phone while remaining undetected. DDI makes it better and easier than ever before. DDI Utilities is used primarily for backup and data recovery of mobile devices, but what they don’t tell you is you also …

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Learn More About the Pros and Cons of a Cell Phone Tracker Free App

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There is no denying the fact that technology has been a huge blessing in our existence. It has definitely made our lives easier and better through the various discoveries introduced to the public each year. However, despite the innumerable reasons to love technology there is also a downside of it. There are some gadgets sold in the market today that …

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Spy Phone: Does Social Networking Cause Teen Suicide?

Teen Suicide.jpg

For those parents who choose to use a spy phone to monitor their teen’s online activity, the reason for this kind of monitoring is more than just to know what their children are doing when they’re online. Especially today that social networking seems to have become an important part of a young person’s life, cell phone monitoring can help save …

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The Company Car: Why You Should Make Sure Your Employees Don’t Text and Drive

If you run a business and have given smartphones to your employees like many managers and owners do today, you should definitely install a mobile monitoring app on those devices first. And if you’ve loaned company cars out as well, then installing the spy app on their devices is even more important so you can make sure you’re employees don’t …

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The Great Help of Mobile Spy Apps for Parents

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Kids are the most adorable and entertaining members in a family. They would fascinate you with their smile or laughter and drown you with their adorable ways. But despite their lovely personality, they can also be the most gullible individuals. They are the easiest target for crimes such as child trafficking and abduction. With the birth of mobile spy apps, …

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Auto Forward Cell Phone Spy – How It Works

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Auto Forward cell phone spy is one of the most reliable and high-tech mobile phone monitoring systems in the market today. Employers and parents can easily install this software program on a compatible mobile device, such as smartphones and tablets. You may install this software on your own cell phone or on a device that you are legally allowed to …

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