Heroin’s Big Comeback

Heroin…it’s making a big comeback. And just like the bad times of the early 1970s, the newspapers are full of stories about overdoses, tragic deaths, and ineffectual governmental handwringing about what to do to combat this silent killer. Theweek.com reported that “it’s become a dirt-cheap alternative to the prescription opiates abused by millions of Americans. With a dose of heroin …

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Why Easy Spy is the Right Choice

Easy Spy is a powerful cell phone monitoring software that allows you to monitor another person’s mobile phone of which you have authorized use of. You would need access to the target phone to download and install the cell phone software, but only for three to five minutes. The monitoring itself takes place remotely, and without the owner of the …

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It’s 11 pm. Do You Know What Your Children Are Doing?

Remotely monitor children's phones with Highster Mobile

A lot has happened this past week late at night, probably past your child’s bed time. Did you walk in on your young daughter watching Amy Schumer host the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night and hear a non-PG-13 joke? Did you hear the cheers from your son’s room after the Red Sox finally won Friday night after the record-breaking 19-inning game …

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Contracting For Profit

Autoforward cell phone spy

Contract workers, or freelancers, are invaluable to small businesses. They fill vital positions without the overhead of a full-time employee. They don’t require health care benefits, for the most part. They can generally be reached beyond the nine to five time period, which is crucial for organizations that need to see business activity during off hours. And if you find …

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Which generation of workers wastes the most time being distracted at work?

Highster Mobile cell phone spy

The answer is: all employees get distracted, but there’s a clear difference between who and what they’re being distracted by. Employees spend a large chunk of their life (about a third of their lifetime) at work, but often find refuge in non-work related tasks. Being that now an entire world of the internet is just a click away, wasting time …

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(Not) Keeping Up With The Joneses

auto forward cell phone spy

Parenting is a challenge, every day of the week. We all think we need to be perfect or close to perfect parents all the time. But once you get on the playground and start chatting with other moms and dads, you realize that you’re not alone in your fear and half of the parents are faking it. No matter how …

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Is There Such A Thing As A Free Cell Phone Spy Product?


Are you now searching for a free mobile phone spy product? If so, you’re simply wasting your time. Currently no such thing exists! You’ll be able to find free trial of a cell spy phone product, but a free trial has a definite end date. So what’s the truth about the free phone spyware packages? Are they for real? If …

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Anything can be done on the internet nowadays – even divorces.

An article popped up yesterday and it’s been taking the internet by storm. If you haven’t heard about it, here’s a little insight into the Facebook divorce case proving anything can be done on the internet. Yesterday it was announced that a judge determined a Brooklyn woman can use Facebook to serve divorce papers to her hard-to-find husband. Ellanora Baidoo …

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Reduce Small Business Worry

What’s your hobby? What do you love to do when you’re not working, carrying out family commitments, not running to an appointment? What’s your “me” time all about? If you’re one of the millions of people using a smartphone, your downtime probably includes a mobile app that enhances your favorite hobby. If you run, there’s an app to track your …

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Keep Employee Loyalty

Your job is a gateway to one type of freedom: it provides a living wage which equals food on the table, a roof over your head and clothes on our back. Tuition for your kids. For those lucky enough to love, or even like, their job, employment provides a sense of purpose and a place to go every day. The …

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