How To Block Porn On Your Child’s Android Device

how to block porn on android

Among the advantages of technology is having easy access to all kinds of information via the internet from any device. Unfortunately, that very same easy access is also one of the downsides of technology use. Kids can easily access porn sites and other inappropriate content with a simple search.  It, therefore, goes without saying, that parents must closely monitor their …

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7 Ways To Hack Android Phones

hack android phones

Cell phones have become more than just texting and calling devices. With the many tasks that users initiate through these devices, cell phones have somewhat become vaults for sensitive and confidential data. This is mainly why hacking, with the intent of exploiting such information, is considered illegal. This act of forcibly penetrating a device, system, or network violates data privacy …

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Want To Spy On Someone’s Cell Phone Without Them Knowing? Learn How!

how to spy on a cell phone without them knowing

Have you ever considered spying on someone’s cell phone? Well, many people consider doing this each day for various reasons. They also often wonder if it’s possible to monitor the phone without touching it or having physical access. We are here to tell you that it’s easier than you think to spy on a cell phone without someone knowing.  How …

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Is It Possible To Find My Verizon Phone?

find my verizon phone

Verizon Communications, Inc. is an American multinational telecommunications company based in New York City. Formerly known as Bell Atlantic Corporation, Verizon has gone a long way from the 1984 Bell System breakup. Over the years, the business tycoon has managed to acquire several holdings and huge entities like AOL and Yahoo!. It has been rapidly growing and constantly expanding, birthing …

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Computer Security 101: Terms, Threats, and Protection

computer security 101

Cybersecurity pertains to the processes of keeping systems and networks safe from online attacks. It’s the practice of ensuring the safety and confidentiality of personal information like date of birth, social security number, and credit card details.  The computer is one of the most commonly used devices to access the virtual world. We’ll be sharing below various topics pertaining to …

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How To Find Someone On Instagram: 5 Effective Methods

how to find someone on instagram

Social media platforms have become more than just a place to share photos, videos, or insights. These apps help revive long lost relationships and reconnect people who haven’t seen or talked with each other in a long time. Sure you can communicate with someone via a phone call or email, but social networks can offer that and much more. These …

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How To Break A Child’s Video Game Addiction

How to Break a Child’s Video Game Addiction

Growing up, most kids want a video game system at some point. Video games could be a great form of entertainment and even a means for families to bond. Many games enhance thinking skills as well as strategic skills and hand-eye coordination. There are educational video games, but as with most things, the amount of time spent playing in must …

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Should I Read My Child’s Text Messages? – Parenting Dilemma Discussed

Should I Read My Child’s Text Messages? – Parenting Dilemma Discussed

Technology provides a lot of advancements and conveniences. The internet, Business dealings, personal transactions, social media, and other digital platform access – all could be done through a mobile device. Everything seems to be a phone call, text message, email, or a click away. In this digital age, everyone has access to a phone. The benefits may be undeniable but …

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Cushioning: The Modern Dating Term Revealed


Life was a bit simpler before technology. Since there were no electronic gadgets, you get to meet and converse with people one-on-one. People got to see each other’s authentic facial and physical expressions, and feelings. With this, relationships tended to be more genuine and pure.  Since we’ve entered the digital age, almost all things are done through gadgets and online …

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Privacy in the Workplace: Is There Such A Thing?

privacy in the workplace

All individuals, no matter where they are, have the right to keep their personal information confidential. Unauthorized access to such details is considered a breach of data privacy and is punishable by law.  In the workplace, however, though employees have specific rights to privacy, these are balanced with the employers’ privileges to monitor their business operations. By law, business owners …

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