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How Can Parents Can Spy on their Teens

There are lots of things that parents do at times which can be considered as spying their own kids. However, these are simply safety measures which we take to help us keep our children safe, from any harm externally or even at times from themselves. Parents always need to be aware of what their teenagers do in the internet, what they share in the numerous social media sites that are trending so that the use of these electronic devices get restricted by the parents. This can be seen as spying on the kids and maybe infringing on their privacy in a way but it is more of protecting your children and making sure that they are safe when using their cell phones. This article is going to look at some of the applications that have been developed to help parents look out for their children and answer the main question of “how can u spy on someones phone without downloading software?”

Auto Forward

This is the most popular spying application that most parents use to monitor their children. The major thing about this application is that the parent is able to monitor so many applications under one main dashboard. The parent is able to know who their kids have called, who they have texted or which applications they use at most times, the number of contacts on their phone and also their location via GPS.

Highster Mobile

The Highster Mobile cell phone spy application is very suitable and efficient for a parent to spy on their teenagers and monitor what they are up to. This application will enable the parent to restrict the pictures that they are supposed to share on the social circle and spy on someones phone without software. In this current digital age, some kids get bullied when they are bullied when their photos are photo shopped to come up with funny memes which usually cause psychological torture. A parent who wants to protect their teenagers from such bullying should restrict what the kids get to share online in relation to the pictures of themselves.

SurePoint Spy

The major feature of the SurePoint Spy application is that the parent can be able to set a certain time limit on their children’s’ phones. This means that when maybe going to school, the parent can set a time limit on their kid’s phones such that it shuts down maybe after an hour so after this time has elapsed, the phone will lock and shut down until the parent enables it to restart working again.

Mobicip Application

This Mobicip application helps the parent to track and to have a lot of control over the teenagers’ phones. The parent is able to block some actions from being carried through using the kid’s phones such as online shopping or maybe online gambling. The parent is also able to block the kid’s phones from having any access to any dating sites or from buying liquor and some specific chat sites. The parent is able to block any adult content from the kid’s phone such as sexual or any adult content or any sites which involves violence and weaponry of any sort. The only problem could have been maybe using a friend’s phone.

MamaBear Software Application

The mama Bear application is a different type of spy ware which helps in enabling the parent to know how fast their children drive their cars. This application will be able to inform the parents on how much speed their children are driving or even if they are just travelling in a car, the parents will be able to be notified on the speed of the vehicle that the teens are travelling in.

All these software programs are important as they will enable the parents to know how to spy on someones text messages without their phone and more to give them some peace of mind knowing what their teenagers are doing and where they are.

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