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How Can I Track a Phone Using a Spy App?

With all the spy apps available in the market today, many are asking “how can I track a phone?” Spy apps are there for this reason. These software can give you information from a cell phone, such as location, conversations and social media activity.

Top Spy Apps

One such software is Highster Mobile. It is one of those track my phone app which is very popular today. However, Highster goes way beyond the usual spy app. It is even a top rated app by parents and employers. They use it to keep track of their children and workers. Here are some of the powerful features that this spy app has:

  • Gives the user access to messages even to old and deleted ones
  • Gives you access to calls, photos and videos
  • Enables a user to view emails and browser history
  • Can track locations with GPS my phone monitoring and shows it on a map
  • Monitors social media activity such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Gives you access to all running and installed applications
  • Has a search alert feature that alerts when a pre-designated search term is search on the mobile device
  • Has a block application feature that blocks installation of pre-designated apps on the target phone

All these can be done remotely and discreetly. However, installation of this software requires the user to access the target phone. Installation only needs a few minutes to finish, though.

Another power monitoring software is AutoForward. It enables its user to track and access data from a target phone without its owner knowing. Its features include all those that a usual spy app has. But it is so much powerful because it can be installed without access to the target phone. For an iPhone, all you will need is the Apple ID and password. No jailbreak needed. This is why Auto Forward is such a hit.

Uses of Spy Apps

Spy applications are mostly used by parents who are worried about their children and other family members and by employers who want to keep track of their workers’ activities.

You don’t need to be tech savvy to use these software programs. They are easily installed and easily used. Even parents who only use their phone to communicate via text or calls will be able to use these apps easily. Once you got it installed, you can go and spy away. It’s that easy.

If you are still wary of these software programs, take a look at some spy reviews by actual users at Safeguarde.


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