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Can You Have Your Information Removed From A Public Records Site? If Yes, how?

Having your public records for everyone to see can be a disadvantage to you, especially when it comes to your right to privacy. While it is true that some information might not be that important to you, and you would not see any reason to have it removed, it is also true that there is some information you would not want people to know or have easy access to.

Take, for example, criminal records that you might have had in the past. Such records are a barrier to getting employment when you want to integrate back in to the society after serving your time. If you served your time, you are considered as having paid your debt to society and you should not continue being punished for the same. What if you served for a crime that you really did not commit? You know how the law is, don’t you? Having such records readily available especially through background check free criminal report, could leave you open to the risk of a potential employer not giving you the job.



Can you do away with this information from public records sites?

Of course, you can. Everything that can be done has the ability to be undone. Information placed on public sites is largely true. You will find that you really cannot protect yourself from these sites even if you want to keep some information private.

This is because, in as much as some of the websites provide just basic information at face  value, that is name, address and phone numbers, when an individual wants to know more about you, all that he needs to do is pay a fee and then all the substantial information will be at his disposal.

Apart from these websites, there are those that are owned by the counties and are managed online. Such websites are free and provide an array of public records free of charge. Hence, it would be hard to control who gets to see the information and who doesn’t. Some of this information can also be found through free background checks as well.




How can you remove your information from public records?

This can be fairly simple. The simplicity of getting your records out of a public records site is dependent on the site itself. This means that some sites make it easy for you to get out while others take you through some processes.

For instance, some public records site provide the “opt- out” option. This is an option usually present on the first page of the website. It’s main function is to give you a detailed procedure on what you should do in case you want to remove your public records from the said website.

However, some websites that readily encourage this make the process long, tedious and frustrating. Whether this is done to prevent you from leaving, is the major question. However, if you are really determined to get your information from the site, you will employ all means possible to do that.

The other option available in some websites is the more detailed process. This process involves you having to verify your identity to the website. You will do this by sending some form of identity card, more preferably your driving license, having crossed out your photo and license number. The other information, that is, your name, address and birth is what will be used to process your request to have your public records and profile removed. Moreover, other websites simply provide you with a number that you need to call to make your request, and initiate the process of deleting your information from the public records websites.

Why do you need your past erased from public view? Is it because you have a sinister motive? If you are employing someone or dating them, wouldn’t you like to know some things about their past? You definitely would use a public records search engine or a reverse cell phone number lookup to get as much information about them as possible.

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