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Can You Spy On A Cell Phone Remotely?

Picture it: your teenage daughter has been studying at the library every day, in preparation for her SATs. She’s studying hard, you think – after all, she’s at the library every day. She’s putting her nose to the grindstone. You’re proud of her. With all this hard work, she’s going to ace this test.

Then one day you discover that she’s not actually at the library. Where has she been? You’re shocked, dismayed. You confront her, and she comes up with multiple excuses. Fights ensue, and even after she finally confesses that she’s been somewhere else, the trust is broken and you don’t know if you’ll ever be able to trust her again. And you’re worried.

What do you do? Now you’re wondering about her safety as well. It’s not just a belief issue…it’s also about keeping your child safe in a dangerous world. There’s enough beyond your four walls to worry about. There’s a whole other world online that most parents are not invited to. New social media sites appear every day. Photos and videos are shared in a blink of an eye. Cyber bullying is a real thing. How do you keep on top of all this technology?


There’s nothing worse than the feeling of being out of control. We all try to maintain control in our lives, from buying the right house in the right neighborhood, to driving the right car, from steering our kids in the right direction and sending them to the right schools. This feeling of control gives most of us a sense of peace and satisfaction. We know our lives are proceeding as planned. We feel better about our choices. We feel safe.

But what happens when we lose that control? What happens when that path we’ve so carefully planned suddenly becomes overturned? In your head you know that life will never be perfect, but it’s still a surprise when life throws you a curveball. Most of us would like us to be better prepared.

One way to maintain a bit of control in the online world is with a cell phone spy app. Now you may think, why in the world would I want to spy on a cell phone? Doesn’t that mean that I don’t trust someone? Here’s the thing…some people may purchase it for unscrupulous reasons, but the fact is, many parents and employers are buying this type of cell phone spy app to monitor their kids or employees.

An undetectable cell phone spy app like Auto Forward allows anyone to spy on a cell phone with a simple three-part process: download, install and then monitor a target phone. It’s a powerful software that allows a user to see a variety of things like text messages, social media activity, photos, videos, emails, web browsing history, emails, call logs, and much more. It allows a parent or employer or anyone, really, who needs to see the activity on a cell phone and wants to monitor remotely.

What’s the benefit of monitoring remotely? As a user, you can easily view the contents of a cell phone from a variety of your own devices, like a laptop, desktop, tablet, and of course, your own cell phone. Again, it’s undetectable, so as a responsible adult, you can choose to let the owner of the phone that you’re monitoring it, or not.

If you’re still not convinced, think of it this way: when someone purchases this software, they now have the choice to use it in a legitimate manner. It’s almost like purchasing alcohol – most grown-ups know how to drink responsibly. Then there are the individuals that choose to take a product and misuse it. It’s the same thing with a spy app – it’s a very legal and legitimate product and can benefit many people. But there will always be the ones that want to misuse a product, despite its good intention.

Auto Forward is a very real and very useful cell phone monitoring software that’s easy to use, and definitely needed, in the dangerous digital world of today.

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