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Catch Them Red Handed with a Free Mobile Phone Tracker

Unleash your inner James Bond using a free mobile phone tracker with the effectiveness and advanced features of spy tools you only see in movies. Have you ever doubted your spouse or partner? Is he or she keeping something from you? Or is acting strange? Maybe it’s time you made a little detective work. And spy apps are just the thing for you.

Top Spy Apps

            Here’s a list of the top spy software for your spying needs.

  1. AutoForward – is the ultimate backup and data extractor. It works well for both iPhones and Android devices. With its easy installation process, you can start receiving the data you want from any phone. Its cell phone tracking free trial will let you test its effectiveness before continuing your spy work.
  1. Highster Mobile – is a top rated parental and employee monitoring software that is compatible with all mobile devices. It can remotely and discreetly monitor texts, calls, GPS and more. It also has a free trial available for interested consumers.
  1. SurePoint Spy – is a trusted mobile monitoring software with 24 powerful monitoring features. It works on all mobile devices and can be downloaded onto the target device instantly.

A Couple of FAQs on Spy Apps

  • Do I need to access my husband’s phone to install the spyware?

Yes and no. Yes, some software needs to be installed on the target phone physically but it usually takes less than 5 minutes to install. And no, you do not need actual contact with the phone you want monitored because there are some software that can be installed remotely. Check with your preferred spy app first.

  • Will my spouse know I’m spying on him/her?

No, unless he or she sees his or her data on your device, you won’t be caught. Monitoring of the target phone is done discreetly. The software will be on stealth mode at all times. Your target won’t suspect a thing.

  • Is there a free spy app available for download?

Spy apps are available for purchase. However, they offer free trial versions for you to evaluate the features before deciding on a spyware. There are also free cell phone tracking online that some websites offer.

Spy apps are the craze these days. Almost everyone uses it. And spouses, girl or boyfriends and partners are grateful for this software since they can catch a deceitful loved one in the act or have a wealth of evidence on hand. Check out other spy apps and their reviews at Safeguarde.


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