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How To Monitor Wi-Fi Traffic On Android Devices

How To Monitor Wi-Fi Traffic On Android Devices

These days, we can not picture our life without the Internet. In the last decade, a growing number of people have been turning to their tablets or smartphones to browse the web. Mobile phones have become the go-to solution to accommodate all of the apps we use to make our lives much more comfortable. These apps and browsers are constantly …

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What Spy Apps for Android Have to Offer

Several security software and safety tools are now available in the market. Some examples of these are monitoring apps that enable users to remotely track activities on somebody else’s device. When used properly, monitoring tools can help ensure the safety and security of the owner. However, to get optimum results, you have to opt for top-of-the-line software. You might already …

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How To See What Apps You’ve Downloaded On Android

How To See What Apps You've Downloaded Android

Mobile applications have become the most frequently used feature of smartphones. After all, there now seems to be a respective app for anything you might need – from education to business to banking to entertainment to gaming. And the good thing is, Android phones, especially the latest versions, can properly store and smoothly run several mobile apps all at the …

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How To Lock Apps On Android

Reasons to Lock Apps on Android phone

Smartphones have become more than just devices to make calls and send messages. A phone is essentially an extension of a person’s office or personal file cabinet. It can contain just about anything from photos and videos to important documents. Also, smartphones usually contain essential apps such as social media and messaging apps used in socializing and networking, banking apps, …

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How To Hide Apps On Android

how to hide apps on android

Brand new Android phones are now pre-installed with company-owned utility tools and some essential mobile applications. Then, of course, users are always free to download any Android app of their choice from the Google Play Store or third-party mobile app stores. And as of this writing, there are almost 3 million apps available for download from official stores. The huge …

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How To Remove A Hacker From My Android Phone

How to fix a hacked android phone

Mobile devices nowadays are no longer mere accessories. They serve various purposes other than texting or calling. Smartphones can now be utilized for personal errands, school transactions, and business deals. Hence, these compact devices have become so valuable in the sense that they hold vital information, confidential data, and important files. This is why we can’t blame those users who …

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My Android Phone Is Dropping Calls. What Should I Do?

Android dropping calls

Among the many advanced features of Android devices, calling and texting are still the most common reasons individuals decide to buy and/or own at least one phone or tablet. After all, a phone call is one of the easiest and quickest ways of reaching someone. Though one of the first accessible means of wireless communications, it remains to be one …

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My Android Is Not Receiving Texts. What Should I Do?

android not receiving texts

Despite the many instant messaging apps available these days, it’s important for users to communicate through text. This is because not everyone has access to popular messaging apps. And even then, not everyone is fond of connecting their phones to the internet regularly. Not to mention, there are areas wherein a stable internet connection may not be available. So in …

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How To Find Hidden Apps On Android in 2022

how to find hidden apps on android

Smartphones have become essential – no longer just luxurious – equipment. After all, such electronic gadgets are packed with various tools and features that could significantly help users with their everyday routines and usual errands. Aside from the built-in functionalities, there’s also a myriad of downloadable third-party mobile applications available on the market. From social to entertainment to lifestyle to …

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The Ultimate Guide To Cell Phone Security In 2022

cell phone security

There’s no denying cell phones have become significant tools, helping people through their day-to-day errands. These gadgets are useful, not only in peoples’ personal lives and relationships but also for tasks and school work. In this modern age, iPhones and Android phones are necessities. With 5.19 billion users, these devices have also become hot targets of cybercriminals.  When released to …

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