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Auto Forward Cell Phone Spy – How It Works

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Auto Forward cell phone spy is one of the most reliable and high-tech mobile phone monitoring systems in the market today. Employers and parents can easily install this software program on a compatible mobile device, such as smartphones and tablets. You may install this software on your own cell phone or on a device that you are legally allowed to …

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GPS Phone Tracker – Why Your Employees Should Know about It

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If you own a company, and you’re seriously considering installing a GPS phone tracker on your employees’ company phones, it’s often better to let your workers know about it. Many employers using GPS management systems usually monitor their employees secretly, fearing that their workers will go against such a policy in the workplace. While not all your people will agree …

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Seeing Someone’s Text Messages Online? Why Not!

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Today’s inventions make a lot of things possible, including seeing someone’s text messages online. With the rising popularity of cellphone monitoring softwares, it is now a thing of the past to personally access the mobile device just to get the information that you need. Everything can now be done online with the aid of the internet and a good, trust …

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Protect Your Loved Ones against Text Bullies Using a Phone Tracker

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Just like cyber bullying, text bullying is rather new but is very common nowadays, which is why  free remote text message spying is already considered a necessity. Apparently, bullies are not anymore limited to physical and verbal abuses. They are now using modern technology to cause harm to other people. Text bullying has already become a serious problem among teens …

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Screening my Daughter for Suicidal Tendencies

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A news report this morning stated that parents of teens should actively screen their children for suicidal tendencies. Suicide, it has been reported, is the second most common reason for death in young people—specifically teens. That information simply stunned me—and it should really be a wake-up call for all parents. After hearing the report, I thought about my own daughter. …

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A 19-year old Long Island nanny was arrested the other day for trying to drive away from the beach with four children in her car. If not for the brave heroics of another mother, she may have gotten away … and killed them all. Sound Beach babysitter Sabrina Macri had spent the day at Cedar Beach with four children that …

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Use a Mobile Monitoring App to Protect your Happy Camper

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Is your son going on a camping trip without you? Are you a little worried about his well-being while he’s away? Then you should do yourself a favor—if you haven’t done it already—and install a mobile monitoring app on his smartphone ASAP. All across the nation, thousands of parents are opting to put mobile surveillance software on their kids’ phones. …

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Auto Forward Review – iPhone Spy No Jailbreak Needed

Hello, and welcome to my review of Auto Forward iPhone spy no jailbreak needed. There are two things I would like to point out before I begin: First, if you are in need of spying on an iPhone and do not have access to that device, Auto Forward is the perfect software for you. It will allow you to connect …

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