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Summer Fridays & More: How to Motivate Your Employees.

Summer Fridays

We are less than a week away from the official start date of Summer. That means beach days, barbecues, overzealous office AC, and employees daydreaming about fun in the sun, instead of doing work. A study conducted by Integrity Data shows that employee productivity drops as much as 20% during the hot summer months. Bosses take heed: easy and inexpensive …

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Lost Phone: What to Do If You Can’t Access Your Phone

Lost Phone & Lost My Mind… My lost phone dilemma. Let me give you a scenario, and let me know if this sounds familiar. You’ve got a huge presentation at work, you’re already 15 minutes late, the kids are dragging their feet to get out of the house, you’re frantically grabbing everything you need and rushing everybody out the door. …

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Employers Who Spy On Text Messages


How To Monitor Texts In the past it would have been nearly impossible to spy on text messages or text spy, but with the improvement in technology in recent years, employers can monitor and track their employees cell phone activity, including text message spy. Companies such as Safeguarde have developed software to assist employers with this. Increasing Use of Cell Phones As working …

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The Uses of Spy Apps and How to Receive Texts From Another Phone

how to receive texts from another phone

When you learn how to receive texts from another phone, it means you can have access to its information. Spying has been common among parents who want to know their children’s whereabouts, review incoming and sent messages, and listen to voice conversations. It is also a means of monitoring online activities of teenagers who seem to misbehave and perform poorly in …

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Where to Use Spy Phone Applications and How to Track Text Messages Discreetly?

Where to Use Spy Phone Applications and How to Track Text Messages Discreetly.jpg

When you know how to track text messages discreetly and use spy applications, you can always keep an eye to your children and your properties. In our everyday lives we do challenging tasks and we need tools to complete and accomplish our work. The advent of modern technology has brought tremendous effects in our lives. It brings convenience, faster transactions, …

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Make Company Operations Efficiently Done with a Tracker App

Make Company Operations Efficiently Done with a Tracker App.jpg

Spy applications or tracker app are becoming more popular and beneficial to employers and company owners. Work productivity is the main goal of every business. When a company hits its target and increase its profit, employees also gain from it. That makes phone tracker application an essential tool in every business operation. By having a software that could track and monitor …

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Five Mistakes To Avoid When Monitoring Your Child With A Cell Phone Locator App

Five Mistakes To Avoid When Monitoring Your Child With A Cell Phone Locator App.jpg

Cell phone locator app are designed in response to increasing threats that target children because of their vulnerabilities. When they engage new friends on social media, the risk of falling into the wrong hands is too high. For others, the addiction to the smartphone is uncontrollable, and they cannot keep down. If they are not playing games, they are chatting …

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The Best Spy Apps for iPhone and Android for Your Monitoring Needs

The Best Spy Apps for iPhone and Android for Your Monitoring Needs.jpg

Surveillance of the people around us with the use of spy apps for iPhone and Android devices both has become quite the trend recently. It has been used mostly by parents to monitor their children, by spouses to spy on their partners if ever there are suspicions, and by employers to keep track of their employees’ work. Different Needs for …

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How To Read Someone’s Text Messages In a Snap!

How To Read Someone’s Text Messages

People with crucial data collection needs should know how to read someone’s text messages simply because of today’s amount mobile usage. Despite age groups, everyone clings to their cellular phones every minute of every day. With this, a phone user’s text messages are highly important. Parents, for example, care much about the contents of text conversations when it comes to their children. …

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