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Mobile Spy Apps for iPhone and Android Users


Did you know that there are mobile spy apps for iPhone and Android devices? Some of which need jail breaking for Apple devices, some don’t specifically Highster Mobile and Auto Foward Spy apps.  One particular app called DDI Utilities specializes not only in monitoring mobile activities but also data backup and recovery. Being an employer Although these apps are tailor …

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Cell Phone Tracking Apps for Apple and Android Devices


People with monitoring obligations are overwhelmed with these cell phone tracking apps which allows them to access every single activity done in a target’s cell phone without having to physically get hold of it. Being an employer, I consider Auto Forward Spy and Highster Mobile as the most efficient and effective monitoring app offered in today’s market. It started when …

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Phone GPS Tracker: Used and Abused

gps tracker.jpg

The birth of technological modernization enables one to remotely use a spyware with phone gps tracker in real-time. One of the most recommended in today’s market is the Safeguarde software that doesn’t only cater location tracking but also messages, call, videos, photos, and social media monitoring without physically accessing the target’s phone. It is a jailbreak-free spyware that works best …

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Phone Locator App: How This Can Help Parents and Businessmen

Parents and Businessmen.jpg

Having a phone locator app can be a great tool to own especially if you want to know the whereabouts of someone without actually having to be with them the whole time. Parents and businessmen are among the top list of people who can greatly be at an advantage when it comes to using this app since it can be …

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Benefits of Mobile Phone Tracking Services for Businesses

mobile phone tracking

With the increasing competition in the industry, businesses are looking for ways to enhance productivity, customer service, and boost overall sales/conversions. Among these ways is learning how do I spy on a cell phone of my employee to keep an eye on your employees (best suited for service and transport related businesses that need to monitor their drivers’ location at all times). Mobile …

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Company Issued Cell Phones: Business or Pleasure?

spy text messages

Stop use of company issue mobile phones for personal business Employees have tendencies of using their employer’s phones, to drive their personal endeavors. After all, they know that they will not be caught after erasing the record. They will call their friends when at work and gossip for hours and after that, they remove the evidence. Some chat often using …

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Cell Phone Monitoring Software for Employees

spy text messages

When monitoring your employees, it may start to feel wrong or weird that you’re literally watching them throughout their work day. Yet you know you need to do it because you want to protect yourself and your business. You also want to make sure you’re as successful as possible. On the other side of the coin, if you think your …

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Avoid a Data Breach

cell phone monitoring software can prevent a company data breach

A Business News Daily article listed six ways for a small business to avoid a data breach. It is the responsibility of every employer to ensure that their data is safe from unauthorized eyes. Cell phones are integral to any business and therefore, the solution is not to withdraw them from your network or your employees. The most responsible thing …

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The Benefits of the GPS Location Feature

GPS location in a cell phone monittoring software helps business

Everyone knows that the main benefit of GPS in a car is to show directions. Such is the case too with the GPS feature in an app for cell phone monitoring. Phone monitoring has gone to more than just listening to conversations and reading text messages and exchanges between your teenage daughter and her boyfriend. It remains a useful feature …

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