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Prevent Child Abuse Before it Happens

As child cell phone ownership age decreases, the frequency of sexting, cyber-bullying and intimidation is on the rise. April is National Child Abuse Prevention month, so here’s an insight into the dangers our new technological world brings and how we can work together to prevent those numbers from increasing. On the surface your hesitation to give your child their own …

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Peer Power

When the kids are young, there are toddler issues – daycare, preschool, play dates, creating a solid social base for a successful kid life with small introductions outside the loving embrace of the family home. It’s about stability and routine. Then that loving embrace becomes an extended family of friends. And there’s no doubt that the extended family of one’s …

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Setting Limits

Remember a low-tech existence? There was a time when children were forced to entertain themselves without a screen. Now that spring is here and kids aren’t trapped indoors due to inclement weather, there is more opportunity for kids to rediscover the joys of the great outdoors, where a tablet is not necessarily an instant need. Tell the kids to take …

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How Auto Forward Works

Auto Forward works in a simple three-part process: download, install and monitor. First, you download the software application on to a target mobile phone. Once you purchase Auto Forward you will receive a confirmation email containing a unique license key. Next, you install that license key which is exclusive to the user. Finally, you can access the data from the target …

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Protect and Respect Cell Phone Use

Everyone can make social media mistakes, from high-powered PR directors like Justine Sacco to anyone using a smartphone. And for teenagers, it’s far more likely to stumble down that scary path. A report from Webtrends shows that Snapchat is currently the #2 social media messenger app. And although the social media landscape is always changing, it’s important for parents to …

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The Cell Phone Culture

How can you protect your vulnerable teen in today’s dangerous digital world? According to safesearchkids.com, a whopping 77% of teens between the ages of 12-17 own a cell phone and even a more alarming 28% of that culture admit to sending inappropriate pictures via text. Proper parental guidance starts in the home, but sometimes overt parental guidance isn’t enough. Do …

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