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how to turn off siri

How To Turn Off Siri On An iPhone

In this increasingly digital world, electronic gadgets, digital platforms, apps, software, virtual assistants, and the like, have become integral parts of daily living. These innovations undoubtedly make many processes more…

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how to turn off siri reading texts on iphone

How To Turn Off Siri Reading Texts On Your iPhone

Apple is one of the pioneers in introducing a fully functional artificial intelligence built into electronic devices like smartphones. Known as Siri, Apple’s virtual and voice assistant has been an…

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Screen Record on iPhone

How To Screen Record On iPhone and iPad: 2022 Guide

Do you want to capture what’s playing on-screen or perhaps film your gameplay? Are you fond of making video tutorials about how various apps work? Or perhaps, you need to…

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How To Update Apps on iPhone (Automatic & Manual)

Regardless of where you’re downloading your phone applications from – App Store or Google Play – every mobile app requires regular updates. Like any other software, phone apps could be…

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Clear Cache on iPhone

How To Clear Cache On iPhone

Are you running out of free storage space on your iPhone? Is your iPhone getting slower lately? Is it not performing the way it used to? Well, there could be…

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how to block a number on iphone

How To Block A Number On An iPhone

iOS devices are well-known for their built-in safety nets and pre-programmed security features. In fact, Apple has taken the extra mile of developing and utilizing its own operating system, application…

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cell phone security

The Ultimate Guide To Cell Phone Security In 2022

There’s no denying cell phones have become significant tools, helping people through their day-to-day errands. These gadgets are useful, not only in peoples’ personal lives and relationships but also for…

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how to get rid of adware on iPhone

How To Get Rid of Adware On An iPhone

iPhones are well known for the great security measures they provide their users. They are almost completely impenetrable by viruses and malware – well, almost. As they say, security that…

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setting up voicemail on iphone

How To Set Up Voicemail On iPhone

Most phone providers and network carriers have adapted a great feature of the old-fashioned telephones, the voicemail. This tool could come in handy during those times you’re expecting important phone…

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change keyboard

How To Change The Keyboard On An iPhone

The classic or default iPhone keyboard is more than efficient as is. Many individuals don’t care about changing the iOS phone keyboard or keyboard iPad settings. In the same way,…

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