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How to install iPhone Spy Apps On Your Kids’ Devices

When compared to installing the app on an Android phone, the method of installation of a spy app on an iOS device is completely different. While Android devices require you to install a copy of the spy app into the target phone, the Apple operating system allows you an option to use a phone monitoring program without having to install …

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How To Set Up Voicemail On iPhone

how to set up voicemail on iphone

Most phone providers and network carriers have adapted a great feature of the old-fashioned telephones, the voicemail. This tool could come in handy during those times you’re expecting important phone calls but you can’t afford to just sit around and wait. It could also be useful if you simply want to keep tabs on any scammers and ensure your iPhone …

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How To Unlock An iPhone Without The Passcode

How To Unlock An iPhone Without The Passcode

Do you know how to unlock an iPhone without a passcode? The obvious answer, of course, is to use Face ID. Anyone who owns an iPhone can attest to how big of a help Face ID has been, especially when it comes to unlocking the device. It eradicates the need to input a passcode into an iPhone, which lets you …

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How To Connect Airpods To An iPhone

How To Pair AirPods

Earphones are one of the most underrated phone accessories. The convenience and accessibility they offer are incomparable. Imagine the following situations: Being able to easily talk to someone through your portable noise-canceling equipment.  Listening to your playlist in public without interrupting those around you.  Privately watching a movie or TV episode.  This phone accessory could come in handy especially during …

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How To Change The Keyboard On An iPhone

The classic or default iPhone keyboard is more than efficient as is. Many individuals don’t care about changing the iOS phone keyboard or keyboard iPad settings. In the same way, some like to change iPad keyboards depending on their mood, or explore and add keyboard iPhone customizations depending on their needs. Apple does have several keyboard settings and iPhone customization …

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How To Clear Cache On iPhone

Clear Cache on iPhone

Are you running out of free storage space on your iPhone? Is your iPhone getting slower lately? Is it not performing the way it used to? Well, there could be several reasons behind this. Among the reasons are the cookies and caches from your browsing history and the various iPhone apps you have. If you browse a lot or actively …

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How To Get Rid of Adware On An iPhone

how to get rid of adware on iPhone

iPhones are well known for the great security measures they provide their users. They are almost completely impenetrable by viruses and malware – well, almost. As they say, security that is 100% fool-proof is yet to be discovered. Hence, although an iPhone virus may have been unheard of as it is quite a rare occurrence, malware on an iPhone is …

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How to Block Apps On an iPhone: 2022 Guide

How to Lock Apps on iPhone

Mobile phones, especially newer versions, are capable of running different applications – from first-party to third-party apps. These compact devices enable users to conveniently switch from one app to another, efficiently running multiple mobile apps at the same time. Regardless of the app category or the source of the downloaded app, smartphones can run such programs smoothly provided the algorithms …

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How to Take a Screenshot On iPhone: 2022 Guide

Screenshot on iPhone with home button

Have you ever asked yourself the questions: How to take a screenshot on an iPhone?  How to take a screenshot on an iPhone without the power button?  How to take a screenshot on an iPhone with Face ID?  How to take a screenshot on an iPhone with the Home button?  This complete guide on how to take a screenshot on …

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How To Screen Record On iPhone and iPad: 2022 Guide

Screen Record on iPhone

Do you want to capture what’s playing on-screen or perhaps film your gameplay? Are you fond of making video tutorials about how various apps work? Or perhaps, you need to teach someone how to do something on their phone but can’t do it in person? Then, knowing how to record screen iPhones and iPads might just be what you need. …

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