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How to Set Up Parental Controls on Kid’s Android Phones

Parental control apps play a critical role in helping parents and guardians to better manage what children can do on their phones. And with the current internet age, parents struggle…

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Smart Toys for Smarter Kids

Smart toys – or toys in general – are a huge part of any kid’s childhood. And more than the fun, playing provides a myriad of benefits – from cognitive…

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PhoneSpector Review

It’s a general misconception that spy software is harmful. Yes, spy tools are designed to monitor the activities of the user and capture the engagements on the target device. These…

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Phone spoofing term

Someone Is Using My Phone Number. How Can I Stop This?

Someone used my phone number to make calls to almost everyone in our neighborhood. Someone keeps using my phone number to call strangers. Can someone use my cell phone number…

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spy on cell phone

Common Myths about Cellphone Tracking

Spying on mobile phones seems like fantasy that’s only seen in fictional spy movies. However, these impossible tactics are now possible. As technology is advancing, people are taking the necessary…

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Restricted Call Problem

How To Block Restricted Calls On Android And iPhone

While technically considered to be personally identifiable information, it’s surprising how easily individuals or businesses can acquire your phone number and call you anytime. They may even intentionally hide their…

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