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Beginner’s Guide To Cell Phone Security

cell phone security

There’s no denying that cell phones have become significant tools, helping people through their day-to-day errands. These gadgets are useful, not only in peoples’ personal lives and relationships, but also in business deals, corporate tasks, and school works. Indeed, in this modern age, iPhones and Android phones are now necessities. With 5.19 billion users, these devices have also become hot …

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Guide To Computer Safety For Kids

computer safety for kids

Today’s kids and teens grew up learning and using technology from computers to cell phones. They use such devices to go on social networking sites, complete schoolwork, and Google anything they want. However, such devices, specifically computers, expose kids to a world of dangers such as predators and hackers. That’s why parents must ensure their children stay safe while using …

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Is Your Text Messaging Really Secure?

is text messaging secure

Text messaging is one of the more common means of communication since cell phones came about. It is pretty straightforward – you send messages to a phone number and your cellular network and your recipient’s network will transmit it so the recipient receives the messages. A short messaging service (SMS) is simple enough to use and convenient too. But is …

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Beginner’s Guide To Using Email

using email

Even if you grew up with the traditional mailing system and you are reading this today, then you have probably heard about emails. If you own a computer or cell phone and are a professional, business owner, or student, then chances are you are quite familiar with emails and even have your own email account. Email is short for electronic …

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The Best Internet Filtering Software Programs To Use

internet filtering software

You’re surfing the internet, minding your own business, then adware suddenly flashes on your screen. Annoying, right? Or perhaps your kids are binge-watching, enjoying their allowed screen time, then inappropriate content starts playing. Upsetting, right? Or your employees keep on accessing non-work-related sites, while on shift, affecting their productivity.  If you find yourself in one of the aforementioned situations, or …

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Website Security Basics: Threats, Protection, and More

website security

Are you an e-commerce owner? A digital marketer? A blogger? A vlogger? Are you, for whatever reason, running or managing a website? If yes, then this article is absolutely for you. As the website host, the safety and security of your site lies in your hands. You not only owe your visitors relevant and beneficial content, but you also owe …

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7 Ways To Hack Android Phones

hack android phones

Cell phones have become more than just texting and calling devices. With the many tasks that users initiate through these devices, cell phones have somewhat become vaults for sensitive and confidential data. This is mainly why hacking, with the intent of exploiting such information, is considered illegal. This act of forcibly penetrating a device, system, or network violates data privacy …

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Is It Possible To Find My Verizon Phone?

find my verizon phone

Verizon Communications, Inc. is an American multinational telecommunications company based in New York City. Formerly known as Bell Atlantic Corporation, Verizon has gone a long way from the 1984 Bell System breakup. Over the years, the business tycoon has managed to acquire several holdings and huge entities like AOL and Yahoo!. It has been rapidly growing and constantly expanding, birthing …

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Computer Security 101: Terms, Threats, and Protection

computer security 101

Cybersecurity pertains to the processes of keeping systems and networks safe from online attacks. It’s the practice of ensuring the safety and confidentiality of personal information like date of birth, social security number, and credit card details.  The computer is one of the most commonly used devices to access the virtual world. We’ll be sharing below various topics pertaining to …

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Cushioning: The Modern Dating Term Revealed


Life was a bit simpler before technology. Since there were no electronic gadgets, you get to meet and converse with people one-on-one. People got to see each other’s authentic facial and physical expressions, and feelings. With this, relationships tended to be more genuine and pure.  Since we’ve entered the digital age, almost all things are done through gadgets and online …

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