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Cell Phone Etiquette Rules Every Parent Should Teach Their Child


Most parents today didn’t grow up having a smartphone. So, it’s hard for them to see how much having one has changed their children’s lives. Kids have access to everything and anything, and the number of things they’re exposed to is astonishing. Now that almost everyone has a smartphone, parents now understand the positives and negatives of using them.

The Negatives Of Children Using Cell Phones

The biggest negative of cell phone use, which is a HUGE problem in the U.S., is cyberbullying. At any point, a child could be cyberbullied whether on social media or messaging apps. However, children are also leaving themselves susceptible to predators. With anonymous chatrooms and Finsta (creating fake and anonymous Instagram accounts), you never actually know who you’re talking to and could be tricked into a very dangerous situation.

Also, children’s addiction to technology is continually increasing. Kids don’t know what to do with themselves without a phone in hand. We even see adults with this problem! Using a cell phone when necessary and in moderation for fun is a healthier way of life. This addiction not only affects their attention span and desire to play outside, but it creates a dependence on hiding behind a screen. Conflicts are no longer being resolved in person but via text. The situation can escalate if the tone of voice doesn’t come across correctly and is misinterpreted.

Even with the negatives, kids have the opportunity to learn more with access to so much knowledge. By teaching your kids the proper cell phone etiquette, they can keep themselves out of trouble, develop into successful adults, and avoid technology addiction.

6 Cell Phone Etiquette Rules All Children Should Know

cell phone etiquette


At the end of the day, your child should understand that using a cell phone is a luxury and not something to depend on. By teaching your child cell phone etiquette at an early age, you won’t have to worry about it when they get older. You can also lead by example! When it’s time to be home and with family, put the phone away. If you’re still worried about your child’s activity, there are parental control apps and spy software programs that are completely undetectable. We can all live with a little less technology and a lot more personal connections.

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