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Cell Phone Monitoring Apps and Ways on How Can You Track a Phone for Free

Cellphone monitoring apps have replaced surveillance cameras when it comes to checking the activities and whereabouts of another individual. In fact, today’s monitoring apps have made it possible to track a phone for free.  In some cases, you can learn almost every detail happening on the phone of another person, considering that premium access features have been activated.

Free or Premium?

Free mobile monitoring apps are commonly offered without chargesas time trial options. Features included are limited since there is no need to pay anything. Text and call monitoring are just among the basic features that can be utilized once you sign up to a free time trial monitoring software.

On the other hand, premium access apps are available for a certain price. They offer in-depth tracking on another individual’s phone. Most common features included in premium offer apps are call, text and emails monitoring, media gallery tracking as well as mobile browser history and social media activity surveillance. Location and distance of the target phone can also be monitored with the help of a GPS tracking system which calculates and dictates the actual location of a mobile phone on the map.

When choosing between the two, it is practical to weigh the urgency of monitoring a target phone as well as your budget. Free spy apps for Android and iPhone devices are plenty, but it is the benefit you can acquire from premium features which matter if you want detailed information.

What Functions Can You Enjoy with Your Cellphone Monitoring App?

  1. Text message tracking. Premium access apps make it possible for you to check both incoming and outgoing messages on your phone. Plus, you can also monitor messages that were already deleted on the target device.
  2. Call tracking. This includes both incoming and outgoing calls done on the phone. Also, this feature makes it possible for you to listen to actual conversations and recorded audio files of the entire call depending on the brand you have chosen.
  3. Browser history. This includes all sites visited by the mobile device. Also, some brands make it possible for you to block sites which are inappropriate for young audiences, especially if you are monitoring your children’s phone.
  4. Messaging and email tracking. This includes messaging platforms such as Whatsapp, Viber, iMessages and a whole lot more. Also includes are popular email platforms such as Gmail, Yahoo Mai, iCloud and etc.
  5. Location and distance monitoring. With the built in GPS tracking system, it is possible for you to locate the phone on the map. This feature makes it possible for you to know the actual location of the phone owner and not just where he or she claims to be.

“Can I track my phone for free considering it is listed as a target device?” With this feature, the answer is a big yes.

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