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Cell Phone Spyware Can Help Prevent The Game of 72

What’s the Game of 72? If you don’t know, then that’s probably a good thing. It means you’re most likely not a parent of tweens or teens, or you’re not trolling the internet looking for the latest shocking trends or stories. In other words, you’re a pretty healthy individual. Well, if you’re a parent in 2015, get ready to be shocked.

According to a Review Journal article, #Gameof72 is a dangerous internet trend where teens disappear from their families for up to 72 hours:

Teens are playing a disappearing act on their parents with a new and nefarious social media challenge called The Game of 72, which dares teens to disappear from and have absolutely no contact with their parents for 12, 24 or 72 hours…The game, which has inspired the hashtag #GameOf72, originated in France when a 13-year-old girl named Emma disappeared for three days. When she was found, she wouldn’t tell authorities where she went, but only said she had played the Game of 72. The game has now slowly crept into parts of England and the United States. The Game of 72 starts when someone receives a private message on social media asking them to play the game…The person who receives the message then has to completely disappear — both online and offline — for, in most cases, three straight days.

I hate to be that old lady voice, living in the past, waxing poetic about days gone by. But in MY day, something like #Gameof72 meant, in fact, that you were actually missing and your face appeared on a milk carton.

Deseret News says think twice before panicking. “When you play the Game of 72, you disappear from your family for 72 hours and you lie about where you’ve been. There is no middle ground. But that’s assuming there’s a game to play at all. New reports from authorities suggest that the Game of 72 may be more of a hoax and not something teens are actually doing.”

Even if this latest teen trend is just a hoax, don’t be fooled that another one isn’t just around the corner, and guess what? That next trend could be true. And every time a parent gets tuned in to a legitimate concern, a teenager has already moved on to the next craze at rapid speed. It’s a teenage imperative to hide things from their parents and guardians and embrace that rebel spirit. Unfortunately, in the technological era, it comes with a hefty price.

Now, with Easy Spy cell phone monitoring software, a parent can stay AHEAD of any trend. Easy Spy allows a parent to track all call logs, track text messages, see most social media activity (like Facebook or Instagram posts), view photos, videos, GPS location, and much more. A parent can even view deleted texts on their own user dashboard! Can you imagine? It’s like having your kid’s phone on your phone.

Easy Spy is the most cost-effective spyware product with no monthly costs and no additional fees. Every parent should try it today.


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