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Is Your Cell Phone Tapped? Here’s How To Tell

tap a cell phone

With today’s technological advancements, it’s easy for someone to tap a cell phone. However, it’s unethical and illegal to do without the phone owner’s permission.  Do you believe your cell phone has been tapped? Below, we’ve listed the top signs it is!


Signs Your Cell Phone’s Tapped

#1: You Hear Strange Background Noises

When you’re on the phone with someone, do you constantly hear strange and abnormal background noises? If you do, it could mean that there’s interference from cell phone tapping software. Often, the noises sound like static, beeping, or buzzing.

#2: You See Weird Text Messages

Often, when someone has tapped a cell phone, they may send a weird link or code to the target phone. There also may be texts sent from your phone that you didn’t send. If you notice either of these, someone could be tracking our phone. 

#3: Your Phone’s Extremely Slow

Did your phone decide to slow down one day and stay that way? Usually, when a phone has too many apps or software programs on it, it can run slower than it should. This includes someone who’s using technology to tap a cell phone.

#4: Your Battery Is Draining Quickly

When a smartphone battery is always low and draining quickly, it means that something’s running on the phone that needs a lot of power. If you know that you don’t have any apps or other software draining your battery, it’s likely that your phone is tapped.


Cell Phone Tapping Prevention Tips

  1. Turn off your phone’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use.
  2. Utilize all of your phone’s security options like facial recognition.
  3. Make sure your login information is secure and secret.
  4. Don’t connect your phone to public Wi-Fi. Only use private networks.
  5. When in public, avoid leaving your phone unattended.


If your cell phone is showing any of the signs mentioned, someone likely tapped your cell phone and is monitoring you. Try the prevention tips above to avoid someone spying on your text messages and other phone activities.

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