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How Does A Cell Phone Tracker App Work?

A cell phone tracker app can help you monitor your loved ones with just a simple click of the screen. However, do you know how these apps work? Or the many ways they can help you find all the information you’re looking for? If not, this article will tell you exactly how cell phone tracking apps work, and the best ways to use it.

Mobile tracking has long since evolved throughout the years. Nowadays, there are several different features added by mobile phone tracker brands to help ensure consumers get the most out of their services. Some of these features include GPS tracking capabilities, text monitoring, photo/video extraction, and social media alerts. While many of these features are important, the user must first know how their mobile phone tracking app works in order to get the most out of the software.

How Cell Phone Tracker Apps Work

Cell phone tracker apps work by activating a GPS tracking system, which pinpoints the exact location of the targeted device. GPS, or Global Positioning System, is a navigation system that connects multiple networks of satellites. These satellites in turn provide precise location data on the many devices located around the world. These GPS satellites work by sending signals down to Earth. The GPS receiver will then connect to this signal, comparing the time it was sent and received. The result being the distance between the satellite and the physical receiver (in this case, the targeted phone.) This data will then prompt the GPS receiver’s system to calculate the exact location of the targeted device with accuracy and efficiency.

Tracking Mobile Devices

For an Android device, phone tracking can be activated by using the Android Device Manager. While for iPhones, the same can be done using the “Find My iPhone” function.

In addition to the methods mentioned above, there are several 3rd party apps that are capable of doing this job too. These types of apps have built-in functions which can track not just the phone’s location, but other data found in the targeted device as well. This type of software is generally referred to as a cell phone spy app, and there are many different ones on the market today. The software from each brand varies greatly in terms of quality and features. But without a doubt, one of the best options out there is Highster Mobile. It’s one of the most well known and popular spy apps on the market today. This software can do everything from keylogging to retrieving deleted calls, and of course, real time GPS location tracking.

Third Party Apps

Spying on iPhone and Android devices doesn’t get any better than with third party apps in the form of mobile monitoring software. This software is capable of tracking not just the exact location of the device (through the built in GPS tracking system), but also other information such as text messages, calls, browser history, social media activity, phone media gallery, emails and more.

That being said, you will need to install these apps on the target phone to monitor them. Depending on the type of phone you’re looking to monitor, you may or may not need physical access to the device for installation. For example, if the targeted device is an Android (any make or model), you will need to have possession of the device to install the app. If the device is an iPhone, you can activate the software remotely without ever having to touch the device. Note that you will instead have to know the phone’s Apple ID and password to complete the installation process. After everything else has been done successfully, monitoring can now commence.

The Issues With Third Party Apps

The biggest issue associated with third party spy apps is privacy restrictions. It’s important for users to review their local laws involving privacy and refrain from acting in an illegal manor. Especially in terms of invasion of privacy, as cell phone tracking must be done with the permission of the phone owner. The only exception to this is parents monitoring their child’s cell phone, as they are their legal guardian until the age of 18.

Well, that’s an overview of how a cell phone tracker app works. So, when it comes time for you to monitor a smartphone, choose the third-party app Highster Mobile. It’s built with advanced tracking features that are capable of monitoring detailed information coming from the target device. Plus, it works on both new and old Android and iOS mobile phones. If you’d like a more detailed review of Highster Mobile, or any other cell phone spy app, take a look at our review section on Safeguarde.

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