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Cell Phone Tracking Apps for Apple and Android Devices

People with monitoring obligations are overwhelmed with these cell phone tracking apps which allows them to access every single activity done in a target’s cell phone without having to physically get hold of it. Being an employer, I consider Auto Forward Spy and Highster Mobile as the most efficient and effective monitoring app offered in today’s market. It started when a friend, who also manages his own company, told me perks of being able to track employee’s performance without having to spend too much. He does this with ease using Highster and later told me to read about Auto Forward Spy since it has equally extensive and close to similar features with Highster. True enough, using it brought maximum support on my responsibility of ensuring the company’s continuous progress.

As an employer, I have given cell phones to my employees particularly for corporate purposes only. Well-aware of the possibilities that go with its usage, I believe it is my discretion to install Auto Forward Spy for the purpose of tracking their actions in the workplace. Although I have made some adjustments of which I strictly implement— personal messages or social media logs are allowed during break times only, just to have a breather of some sort.

I am beyond amazed of today’s technological advancements as seen on phone spy apps like Highster and Auto Forward Spy which enables remote tracking via a control panel with information from my employee’s phone straight to my computer in real-time! Imagine the effort and time saved with its utilization.


Highster and Auto Forward Spy works best for all Android (Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC,

Huawei, Tracfones, Straigh tTalk, Sanyo, Sony and more) and Apple (iPhones, iPads, iPods)

devices. If you’re unsure of a certain phone’s compatibility, both apps have customer service hotlines that will happily accommodate you.

Extensive Features

There exists phone locator free apps but with limited features why not venture in either

Of Highster Mobile or Aut oForward Spy as both are sold at a very reasonable price

$29.99/month cancellable anytime that has been guaranteed over the past few years!

I will reiterate each app’s features for your convenience.

Highster Mobile

  • Access to both sent and received text messages even old and deleted ones complete with sender’s name and contact number. Also works just the same with iMessages for Apple device users
  • Call logs with date and time
  • GPS tracking of target as long as it is within 50 feet of its actual location which will be displayed on a Google Map
  • Social media accounts checked and logged
  • Old and deleted photos and videos can be retrieved on target phone
  • Browser history
  • Web alerts on profanity searches which are from a predetermined list
  • Stealth camera which takes pictures of target phone’s surroundings in real-time
  • Live control panel which dynamically access details from the target phone

Auto Forward Spy                           

  • Everything included in Highster’s features plus
  • Access to all popular messenger which happens to be included in social media accounts
  • Monitor and record email—very vital for me as an employer
  • Remotely uninstall unrelated apps to work
  • Remotely lock phone in case lost or stolen

Visit Auto Forward Spy’s site for more detailed features!

Privacy Concerns

It is better to be on the safe side especially when legal matters are concerned; matters that involve privacy which may or may not be a sensitive issue depending on rules of the state. Research on privacy laws prior the installation or purchase of paid or even free cell phone spy apps as there are some areas who disallow its usage.

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